Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Little Of This....

The weekend is coming to a close and once again it flew by. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, schooling begins promptly at 9 a.m and chaos will bring in the day... But I won't think about that now. No I won't. Right now I'm sitting on the floor in the living room while 5 little mouths chop on popcorn and watch "Robots." our Sunday night movie routine. I made a pot of coffee. I need to stay up and prep for tomorrow but not until I take a few minutes, sip my brew and visit with you.
Every Friday is our co-op day. And every Friday we pack up our big 15 passenger with kids and supplies and head 25 minutes south. It's a parent led co-op. No drop off for us!! As parents, we teach, create and love on all the kids. We have worship together and celebrate all kinds of events. Halfway thru we break for lunch and then continue on. I teach a teen bible study class and just adore it. I adore the girls, their ideas and minds, their individuality amazes me and I love forming relationships with them. 

Co-op also gives me a chance to dust off some of my cute clothes in my closet and put them to good use....

The best quick shot I could take without kids photo bombing

 Do you like my professional fashion shots??? Sorry, this is the best I can do. Complete with counter mess and half of my heart meds all over the place....

Keepin it real my friends....

Co-op Outfit of the day

By the end of the day, when we packed up everyone to go back home, they were super hyper. Extra kids tried sneaking in the back of the van to go home with us, sun was shining, windows down and music was up. I was utterly exhausted... Like every Friday afternoon, I crashed on the couch and relaxed.

Saturday was more of the same. Hubby went to his dads house to do man things. You know, hang ceiling fans, fix things and such. I stayed back with my mother in law and chatted while the kids ran around and played. Chinese food was brought home by the men-folk and we feasted on all things wonton! By the end of the day, my teens went back with the grandparents for a sleep over and the littles went to bed... Peace reigned in my house. I caught up on correspondence, read some blogs, cleaned up and went to bed way.too.late. I mean WAY late....

Which Made waking up a new form of torture...but we woke up, and we made sure we went to church even though we may have been 20 minutes late walking in... Which means we lost our seat in the fifth row from the front... Which means we were stuck up in the balcony.... By ourselves. 

Church Outfit of the day

Hubby loves the balcony. I don't. I feel alone! I don't get to wave to all my friends. Or chat real quick during greeting time. AND I don't pay attention as well. I get distracted by the smallest things. Today wasn't any different, but then something our guest speaker said caught my attention and I was glued to every word. It was like he had a glimpse into our life the past few weeks and God was gently guiding me back to where I/our house needed to be. 

During my distraction moment

It made me so thankful that we did push ourselves and make it to church today, even if we were bone tired and delirious from lack of sleep. God blessed us with a timely word that still remains in my heart and a challenge that can ONLY be met with HIS help.

After dinner, we took the 5 little ones on a walk to our park. The air was perfect. We could smell summer on the horizon and knew we were past the cold days of winter.... FINALLY! Time for walks, bike-rides and windows open.

Add caption

My Sunday nap was extra long today and harder than usual to wake up from... And right now, at 9:02 p.m, my bed is calling my name and I just might answer.

Welcome to daylight savings time as a mom of 7. Where every.single.second of time and sleep is beyond precious.

Sorry for the rambling post, but I just wanted to catch y'all up on minor happenings in our little red house. Hubby and I are about to settle in the recliners and watch the BIBLE series on our DVR. We have yet to see them and are so excited to seethe word ALIVE and on television.... So happy it's hitting top ratings. It goes to show you how much power that "old book" still has....

How are y'all enjoying the mini series???




  1. Enjoy having you post again!! I'm considering doing a co-op in the fall with the kids... But nervous! This helps! <3

    1. Kate.... Thanks so much, your precious!!!! I highly recommend a co-op. it's GREAT for the kids and saves my sanity sometimes... The fellowship and community is priceless....xoxo

  2. I love the catch-up blogs. Getting ready to do one myself. Love your outfits, love your kids, and loving The Bible series! You guys are great.

  3. Thanks for the response! Are you on instagram??

    1. Yes Gigisplace9 and same on twitter :)

    2. Thanks! Won't bring it up!! :( I'm not blogging anymore, but on IG. Mamabish :)

    3. Kate.... May I ask why your nit blogging anymore?

  4. Just didn't love it anymore- more a chore. Felt like what I had to say wasn't important. Also, I know this sounds strange, but drove me crazy that my family read it.

  5. Love all the pictures! You look great!



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