Sunday, March 24, 2013


Whoever created the saying 

"I'm too blessed to be stressed" 

obviously has never ever tried to have an active blog with 7 kids! Especially being barely able to do the most basic computer functions!

And especially has never tried to re-do the blog to make it look semi-presentable with pictures that ACTUALLY fit... IF you know what Im sayin...

So please excuse my blessed mess while I adjust and tweak a few things around.

My awesome cousin and incredible hubby spent wing night helping me...

Well, actually, I cleaned up the kitchen and kept the wings coming and they worked behind their screens. Don't mind the mess on the counters. I won't lie... that's how it always looks. (Sometimes worse.) Keepin it real folks... Just keepin it REAL!.....

And tonight I will relax in my recliner and play around with my new domain while watching The Bible on DVR!

Our weekend was pretty low key which fit the weather perfectly. With constant rain, who wants to go out anyway???

Today Grandpa came to the rescue and took the kids (sand Penny and Caleb) to his house for the afternoon and then invited us over for dinner. SCORE!

Napping babies + quiet house = Time for Momma to catch up on her 25 page to-do list. One of them being my poor, neglected blog.

But Im excited for the finished product!... well, the FIRST finished product. The SECOND and final finished product will come later in the year... but Im still excited.

Maybe then will I be able to finally tackle Mt. Laundry and the Valley of the dirty dishes...

Just maybe...

How was your weekend??



- XoXo GiGi


  1. Weekend ok, went to dentist to get a couple teeth evened from last dental work. Dr.V suggested I was probably grinding my teeth at night as well, yes, cuz I woke up with clenched jaws.teeth one a.m. stress, I know and Iknow why. Bought a mouth guard to wear at night, after work tonifht.Yesterday a good church service and lunch with Phil. Scored a free hanging lamp at friends house when we dropped off boxes aince they are moving this week. I've been looking for one since my son broke it a few years ago. Now he's got 2 children! :P I like working on my blog on Sunday afternoon. Have a blessed week coming up to Easter.



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