Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At The S.C

Every once in a while, a momma needs to go out and join other mommas for some girly time... and for this momma, that night was TONIGHT! After I made dinner and set out pajamas for the kids, with directions, I threw on some lipstick and a gallon of perfume and out the door I went. I was meeting about 7-8 other awesome REAL homeschooling moms of the S.C who go to my co-op. The evening was GOOD....

We laughed and exchanged stories. Talked about our kids and our homeschooling ways. We compared curriculum, funny stories and trials of "the job."

Celebrated a BIRTHDAY!!!!


But most of all, we related. We related to the fears and struggles we have for our kids. The calling we all tried HARD to run away from and that God that works all things out for GOOD!

A true night of fellowship that did not contain gossip nor slander.

Isn't that what friendships are supposed to be about anyway???

Oh, and we DIDN'T talk about snorting Neosporin...oh no sir we DIDN'T!!!!

- XoXo



  1. Looks like you had a fun night! I wish I was able to do that more often too!

    1. I only go out.. maybe once a month if that, im a homebody but when I do, its fun!



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