Monday, February 25, 2013

The 7th Wonder.

I didn't want to go through life never knowing what it was like to have a son... what would he look like? How would our dynamic be with a bit of testosterone mixed in? Would our family name die with my husband? I desperately loved my 3 girls and would be over the moon to buy even MORE pink, but I couldn't help but just wonder what if? I remember being in the Drs office waiting for my sono. Our good friends were also waiting there. Janene was pregnant with her 2nd ( HER FIRST boy...) and the hubbys were taking bets on whether or not we would join the boy club that had suddenly sprouted in our church.

Noah Michael 2-24-06

Much to my shock... the ultrasound tech rolled over his boy-parts and gave us the good news. Fist pumps and hootin n hollerin were heard all the way into the waiting room and we celebrated.

I would finally see my SON! My 4th baby, born into a world of girls. Noah Michael would be his name. A fine name from good stock!

I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking..." WOW! He looks just like the rest...."

And I also remember walking up and down the hospital room trying to console him after his circumcision. I felt like a first time mom... Not knowing what to do with this small man-bundle... or how to calm him down.

His First day our little yellow house in NY

Turns out, that wouldn't be the first time I felt so helpless. I was reminded again after he crawled over at 10 months old and plucked buttons off a toy and ate them. Hubby tried so hard to get him to breathe again but we had to call 911...

3 days later, we were back at the hospital again because he developed cold like symptoms, they were afraid the button got in his lung and caused pneumonia. That darn little black button... it aged me 10 years.

Our visit to SC to take a look at our new hometown
We frequented the hospital again 3 years later. For 3 days I kept vigil by his bedside as the Drs tried to figure out what was wrong with him. The best guess was an intestinal blockage. His worried sisters spent their 3 days camped out in my bedroom wanting to feel close to their only brother... this time, another baby was in the mix. Little Miss Muffet..A.K.A Abigail... born 15 months after her brother and has not left his side since.

Hannah And Noah....

His expertise in gaming can even impress grown men. There isn't a game he can't beat and he will always accept the challenge.

His ninja-like skills help Molly fulfill her need to wrestle. He becomes the best "first Mate" on the Black Pearl.

Chocolate cake at WALT DISNEY WORLD 2009

Our house is 10 decibels louder because of him.... and we have walked into a room ( several times) just before he karate chopped one of his sisters from behind.

His sensitive heart gives people the wrong impression sometimes. He gets frustrated easily and his sisters know the exact buttons to press and exactly when!

Abigail and Noah: Main St USA at WALT DISNEY WORLD 2009

When baby #7 was making a debut, he prayed so hard for a brother and so did his dad. A brother is priceless and every boy should have one! I don't know who almost cried first at the news, him or my hubby. He prepped and he planned. It was so cute to watch.

They may be 6 years apart, but like my other children, age doesn't seem to affect the relationship. He can't wait to share a room and stay up late together.

Yesterday he turned 7. Lately, I have been seeing glances of the man he will become and my heart melts... and then it terrifies me both at the same time. I don't want him to grow up, I don't want to let him go, yet I want him to become the best man he could possibly be. I pray he becomes the strong man his daddy is....

Getting sand for his sand castle Myrtle Beach 2012

His arms big enough to cover his wife and family with. His hands worn enough from being able to fix anything he touches... and a selfless heart. I pray the man his daddy is, is passed down to that sweet blond boy with soft brown eyes.

But today, I will hug you because you just adore your new ninja turtle pajamas. And I will still hold you close because I can, and I will fall asleep thanking God for your precious soul.

May God forever surround you with a hedge of protection against the eveil of this world. May you always come out a winner and know that MOMMA LOVES YOU WITH ALL OF HER HEART...

His Birthday morning February 24th 2013

Even if I still can't find that darn button.




  1. Totally brought me to tears....nothing like the love of a mom for her sons!! Beautiful! :)

  2. Totally brought me to tears....nothing like the love of a mom for her sons!! Beautiful! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Noah! At least you found the "reply" button. ;-)

  4. Yes Michiko, I'm very glad as well :)

  5. Love it! I'm so thankful that I have a little boy even if, at 2 years old, he's given me more gray hairs then both his sisters combined (he got his first stitches at the ripe old age of 10 months and Poison control is now on my speed dial). There is nothing like a little boy's love for his mommy!

  6. Lol, your right. Nothing like a little boy....

  7. My 4 year old boy makes my life 10 times louder too and he's the first of my three (and hopefully the only one - the other two are girls) to get staples on his head. He may be super active and mischievous but he makes my heart beat louder and faster. He's such a gentleman with me. I LOVE him!

  8. Oh this post. Coming from a mom whose son is now is married and a daddy of two...I miss my little son. The memories are there. Our kids are 4 years apart but were close. One day when Megan was back from college I found both of them in her room on the floor, playing a game together. Fun! Laughing! Enjoy and Happy Birthday to Noah!



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