Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Saturday Morning

Its Saturday morning and im drinking my very awaited hot cup of coffee. Just the way I like it....
Maxwell House Master Blend, 1 sugar and half and half...
Out of my favorite mug.

Yes, I know its a harvest Fall mug but its short and round and the handle is just the right size...
You know what I mean. Everybody has one. I have already re-heated it once. Hopefully, since some kids are still sleeping and the others are upstairs playing the Wii, I can finish it before it cools down and the running begins.

Yesterday was co-op... a.k.a. "Fried"-Day  but thankfully, it didn't make me as fried as usual. Im not sure why... and after Lunch, I was certainly ready for a nap, but I didn't have that usual "Im dying..." feel to it. I was able to pop into worship and enjoyed chatting singing with the other moms and the rest of the co-op. I was so proud of my 2 older daughters who are on the worship team singing... I just had to be an embarrassing mom and take a picture.

I might have also waved a few times and blew them kisses... maybe.

The best part about the day was this

No matter how many times I see her eat, I still just want to cry out loud and announce to the world what a miracle she is.... its only been 2 months since her first bite, and a month since her latest hospitalization... where I was certain a feeding tube would have won....

But once again, GOD answered prayers and I think our long 2 year journey is slowly coming to an end.

My second favorite part of the day was devouring this:

Once hubby got home from work, we all packed in our big white van and followed his dad and step-mom to the most glorious burger joint around...

Red Robin- YUM!

I ordered my usual Whiskey River burger and oohed and ahhed through the whole entire thing. We went there to celebrate several special moments. Most importantly, that Gma Ei came back from NY after a long visit taking care of my sister in law who was very sick.... for a very long time. 
That Aunty M was on the road to recovery...
Celebrating the fact that the house their building is just about COMPLETE!

So while the kids guzzled chocolate milk and ate french fries, We celebrated many happy and important moments in our life.

So, today is a slow day... as slow as it gets in our Little Red House. Im about to heat up my coffee for the 3rd time this morning and drop off my teenagers at a church event. The sun is out and most of the kids have wandered down the stairs and are all over the living room...

Remnants of our fun last night still linger around. Half deflated balloons are still being smacked as vollyballs and we are all in our pj's.

isn't that the BEST way to spend a Saturday morning?

Enjoy your my friends...




  1. that is funny---i heat up my coffee 'many' times before i finish it. i like my coffee HOT.

  2. Love the picture of Miss P eating. She looks like such a "big" girl. So cute.
    Thankful for all the things your family has to be thankful for.



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