Monday, February 18, 2013

In 15 Minutes....

I'm finally home! After a day full of drop offs and running arounds, I'm finally settled on my favorite spot on the couch. In about 15 minutes, the dinner, bath/shower, bedtime routine will start and I won't be able to sit again till I settle in to watch my most favorite show EVER!!!!

We usually follow the public school calendar when it comes to holidays. We start the year about 2 weeks early so we can end by mid May, when I'm ready to have a book burning party... But for most little federal one day holidays, we take off. In the fall, when we are still gung-ho about the new year, we skip them. But by February, we are more than happy to accept a 3 day weekend. But like everything else in my life... I over committed and overbooked myself and before I realized it, it was too late. So after dropping off/picking up the older kids, I was brewing a humongous pot of bubbly white bean chili. This chili is my absolute favorite.... Crumbled with tortilla chips and smothered with cheese... I eat until I'm sick... And then I put on my Jammie's and eat some more.

Anyway, I was making dinners for 2 sweet families in my co-op and vowed to get it done way before dinner time. I was pretty successful for the most
Part, minus a detour at my favorite clothing store where I tried on the CUTEST dress. ( I will be going back for said dress... It's Polk-a-dot people.... POLK-A-DOT!!) and a very, very..... VERY messy kitchen. But now i can relax. All dinners were delivered on time and I am happy. Feeding is my specialty... I don't mean cooking, even though I'm a good cook... I just LOVE to feed.

But in between the chopping of the garlic and the sautéing of the onions, I kept receiving emails from some very special ladies. Last week I finally told my story about my battle with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. I have since, not been able to get over HOW MANY women have reached out to me. Either being recently diagnosed or someone close to them being diagnosed. Many knew nothing about it and many had lost hope of any type of recovery. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know these women, and continue to do so. Some have left comments on that post and I have been unable to write back to you because I don't have an email, so PLEASE, if you happen to have left a comment, please make sure you left your email so I can write you back. And to all the others, I WILL write back as soon as I can. But thank you so much for taking the time out to write me. I'm simply amazed and humbled. I read each and every one to my husband and share your story with him as well.

Well, looks like my 15 minutes are up. Time to put the biscuits in the oven and feed my troops before a mutiny breaks out...

- XoXo


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