Saturday, February 16, 2013

She Finally Found Mama....

I won't begin to tell you that as I write this blog, my table is scattered with remnants of breakfast.
Ok, maybe I will tell you that. 9 crusty plates with leftover eggs, bacon and toast... with an occasional spill and crumbs galore... remnants of a big Saturday Morning breakfast.

Feeding time is over... for now and most have left the table to cause chaos in other parts of the house. A typical saturday morning in our Little Red House... especially after a payday... 

But more on that later...

Right now, Im too excited and happy that I am blogging from my very own iPAD!!! I finally joined the rest of the world earlier this week as my sweet hubby placed this special little box in my lap!

Isn't she a beauty?? I have been patiently waiting for my turn to come...

Ok, since hubby reads my blog, I will be honest. I have been spending months complaining that I don't have my OWN computer to blog/work/play on. I was sick of my kids hogging the iMac, logging in every single time I needed to go on a site and did I mention kicking my kids off of it? I mean, my hubby has a nice MacBook Pro all his own... I needed something right? Whats a little housewife to do when she has blogs to write...

 And  social media to catch up on?
I must admit, its so nice to have some thing that I can tell the kids NOT

Although, new technology and I don't mix very well. Hubby already had to stop what he was doing to come help me and I might have yelled the words *hate* a few times. I think I swore that it was broken at least 10 times.... He told me to not talk to him for at least an hour....

But, after the big breakfast I made this morning, he should at least limit it to 20 minutes.
see, yesterday was shopping day!!!,
After hubby got home from work, I snuck out by myself and completed by bi-weekly shopping trip....our BIG shopping trip.... Where I fill 2 carts up with food and STILL need to get more...

But my kids know the day after shopping day is delicious!
(Because the day BEFORE.... Well, not so much)

I fill the house with all sorts of treats. And usually on Saturday, a big breakfast is made. Today we cooked enough food to just about feed an army.... But sincerely fell short on eggs, looks like I will have to upgrade to OVER 2 dozen eggs.
But the bacon was delicious!!...
And my family is content and full.... For now.
It's only a matter of time before they come to me convinced they are starving to death and NEED to eat.
But thats ok, I don't mind feeding them most of the time...

Except today.

Because I will be spending my day wrestling MY iPad out of the hands of Penelope...

Who thinks its hers...




  1. Glad you got your own computer to work with. I have a lap top but am considering a tablet. I have one in mind but not sure....for mostly ebook purposes really. Samsung 2 7" looks enticing to me! Maybe in a few months. Or when a deal comes through at Costco. I was looking at one there the other day. Sigh! Your husband is a sweet heart! Hugs!

    1. Thanks. The Samsung is really nice. The neighbor has one... enjoy!!

  2. How do you type on your Ipad? I am on my Nook and I am so slow on it. I do have a laptop but waiting for it to get fixed. Virus..Ugh.

    Hope you have a happy Saturday night!

    1. I bought a blue tooth keyboard to go with it, but i type with the keypad on it as well, takes some getting used too but bc i used the iphone so much, this was a PLEASURE LOL



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