Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brian and Mindy
My Handsome Hubba-hubba
Amy B.
Trying to light ALL those
The Birthday girl,Discodiva in red and Gregan

We were invited to my friends 40th birthday party!! Susan, a close neighbor and friend turned 40 years young yesterday surrounded by all the people in Greenville that loved and cared for her. What a fun night. Husbands got to meet other husbands for the first time, good food was partaken in and DiscoDiva and I got another night of chatting and laughing (She SOOO wanted to bust a move in the dining room. She took her position by XM radio and tapped to the beat) Here are some pictures of the night, good friends and lots of laughs! Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. ROFL I guess it was obvious I wanted to bust a move right there on the dance floor :D one of these days! Thanks for chatting with us we had fun and glad the hubbys got to meet, hopefully we can have you guys over soon if your free! TTYS



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