Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Lovely Afternoon

Today my "Disco Diva" and "Medicated Mommy" came over for coffee and treats!!! Coffee cake, warm fruit bars and Harvesty pumpkin bead were served over fun conversation and "real" thoughts. It is always nice to know there are girls out there that think the same as you. Most won't admit it or even think about talking about it openly but not these ladies. We giggled and confessed and had fun. Our kids played together and we ate some more.
 Perhaps we will get together soon to "view" homes, wonder about post-marital kissing and correct our grammar (or lack of it?) In any case one can only hope!=)


  1. aww I <3 it! had so much fun,with you two, I think you should start a facebook group about aversions to big words lol!!! yeah we need to get together at my place soon :)

  2. What fun we had! We look pretty cute, too! Thanks for havin us :)



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