Monday, October 6, 2008

The Evil Villian And the Super Hero

Today was quite an interesting day at our house. Who am I kidding... all days are interesting. With 5 kids we can never know whats going to happen next. It all started around the dinner table. We started chatting about Halloween over our delicious chicken pot pie. Molly was not shy about telling everyone she wanted to be a fire ant for halloween. Her obsession with "hurting" people just keeps growing. Jason and I tried to explain to her that we can't get her  a costume that even resembles a red ant, so she quickly thought of something else. "FINE! I want to be a bumble Bee so I can sting people..." she was quite pleased with herself for coming up with a possible character. I told her if she finished all her dinner we would go try on one bumble bee suit we had in my bedroom. Dinner was quickly scarfed down and off we went for the fitting.
 BAM! The moment the last button was snapped and the zipper was zipped a real live bumble bee emerged from my little brown eyed girl. She buzzed and held out her "stinger" and began attacking everyone at the table. The other kids screeched and screamed as she zig-zagged from one chair to another attacking her prey and making sure they were "eaten" by the bee.
In pure daddy-like fashion, he quickly picked up the kiddie broom and battled the ferocious insect. His broom against her stinger. Bam, whack, boom. Right in the kitchen they battled it out... no one backing down. The bee got away and chased down the older girls who were now in the living room. BAM, next thing I know both girls are on the ground and this precious killer bee was stinging and "biting" them. Making sure they were down for the count.
 Noah kept asking where his costume was... we don't have one yet. Poor boy, felt so left out. So I did something that any mother would do. left the house a mess, packed up my four kids and my yellow bug and headed to Target to buy him one. Superman became the winner. We arrived home and the caped crusader came flying in to rescue the princesses from the evil bee. Up and down our block (in the dark mind you) screams of terror and joy were heard. The bee chased down the kids but only for a moment. Before we could blink our eyes SUPERMAN flew out of the sky and beat the villain at her own game. He shouted the words..."Yur it moddy.." and off she went. Abby was laughing in delight and Jason and I were in tears. We could not stop laughing. Surely this was a moment we will never forget.
 How blessed we are to be visited by a fairy, bee, and superman all in one week. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Life is good!

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