Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Monday...

Another monday has come and gone! Can you believe this is the LAST week in October?? Where did the time go? Our home was buzzing with activity today. It was a bit hairy as all Mondays tend to be, and my patience was tucked all nice and warm in my bed instead of inside my soul, but I pray tomorrow will pan out a bit differently. Despite foul moods,strong west winds  and frigid weather we accomplished a lot. The girls finished their Indian Village and await the final grade by daddy. We summed up our chart with information we gathered and now know,did a challenge and will end tomorrow with a spelling/vocabulary test.
 We started our new Character study on obedience and read the WHOLE book of Jonah (you can close your mouth, the book of Jonah is very very short...1 page front and back) we answered questions pertaining to Jonah and how he did or didn't obey Gods command and what happened to him. Tomorrow will be the story of David and Goliath followed by mini-book making for our lapbooks. The girls had fun asking questions about life in the belly of a whale, since I never personally experienced such joy, I tried my best to answer correctly.
 Math was done, reviewed and happily put away. We also touched on the Pilgrims, Separatists and Saints and explained the difference. Our unit study on the mayflower will begin mid-week. Among the chaos, screams, naps and feeding time we had our weekly visits by our speech therapists for Noah... all morning... at different times. It went well considering I was on the phone fighting with paypal and trying to sell more things on ebay.
 Molly and Noah had a pre-dinner digging excavation outside. Crickets are a hot commodity and are highly sough after. Mason jars are turned into mini-motels for those ugly little guys and the babies giggle with glee when they see them hop around. YUCK!!
 Little Miss Muffet discovered her love for the slide but since she has not mastered her new hobby I must stand their and guide her down. Her little cheeks look like they will just pop out of her face because she is so happy.
 Dinner was quick and chaotic followed by a brisk walk with hubby... It was nice to be alone with him while we walked our block and froze our noses off. We discussed important pro-life issues and todays Focus on the Family program. I pray for all those little souls that will never get to see the light of day. The walk was nice and refreshing and MUCH needed.
 On my return home, babies were changed into warm,fuzzy,cozy jammies and playtime was returned along with showers and down time. Little girls had nails polished with polk-a-dots and glitter. Jason put the babies to bed and the girls and I read aloud from our book.
That leaves me at the computer tonight finishing up my days work. I look forward to my bed,my books and a nice long winters slumber. 

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  1. A few comments: Mikade loves the slide too! It's so much fun - he's a little dare devil. And some of my family also discussed the importance of pro-life. Next time I talk to you in the phone remind me to tell you something we talked about. Your house seems like so much fun I love reading about everything you guys do! I love all of your blog posts. Oh, FYI Neil and I went to the Library for early voting today (but didn't vote because the line was over an hour) but, I looked for the book 'Power of a praying parent' the library didn't have it - so I checked out 'power of a praying woman.' I'm reading a book right now, but when I'm finished I will start on that one. I'm excited. Love ya!



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