Monday, October 6, 2008

A Fairy Came To Visit...

The strangest thing happened today. The kids and I were playing when all of a sudden this little fairy princess came floating down the stairs. She floated past the couch and landed right in our living room!!!
She sprinkled fairy dust and sunshine around... then the oddest thing happened... she turned into a little grumpy old troll who I'm sure lived under a bridge!! She screamed and thrashed around. We all scattered and ran for safety in fear of what might happen next. All of a sudden her eyes spotted a ball. Her roaring stopped as she picked it up and looked it over. Could it be? A magic ball? A ball that turns grumpy ol' trolls back into fairy princesses??? Soon the little princess was restored back to her happy self. We all breathed a sigh of relief and came out of hiding. The kingdom was safe once again. Before we knew what was happening she floated up in the air and flew away.
 Strange things are always happening in our home....


  1. cute. You need to tell me where you got that magic ball!!! I could sure use one over at my house!

  2. aww she is so cute, is that what Abby is going to be for Halloween?



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