Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Favorite things...

One of my favorite blogs to read...(believe it or not I only read a select few...too much garbage out there) is written by a christian homeschooling mother of 9. Yes I said N-I-N-E. Her kids range in age from 19-1. They live on 200 acres in Iowa, Buy wheat and food in bulk.... NOT Sams or Costco bulk, but big 25lb brown bags of grain, wheat berries, cornmeal and rice. They recently converted their living room into a "pioneer life" school room for the kids. They build cement fire pits in their yard, cook from scratch, have a farm, milk the cows and who knows what else. Life in their home is never boring. On their down time they trample through the creek and catch frogs. The older girls create new recipes in the kitchen and look forward to their Aunt coming over for tea parties and family song time. They seem happy and content. Fulfilled with the natural things God has given them. No, they are not dorks, nerds, herbs or whatever else might come to your mind. They have embraced innocence. Something we Americans love to toss out the window. We are too busy competing with the neighbors, building bigger homes and pointing fingers. In our quest to find success, money and happiness we have stumbled deeper into depressions and addictions. Perhaps we need to look back a few hundred years before tv, fancy cars and iphones. Perhaps the answers to our problems lay in the past. Where hard work, brow sweat and a solid Faith in God made up a days work.
 I seek this same contentment for my kids. Slowly weeding out the unnecessary things of this world and incorporating more of the world God gave us. My quest has been successful so far... even more so for me. I challenge you to do the same. You will be surprised to see how well you really do!

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