Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cool Temperatures.

Today is a perfect fall day. We are taking full advantage of the cool temperatures and cloudy day. We rode bikes, took walks and ran barefoot thru the tall grass... (that needs to be mowed) I know the fall is still some ways away and the heat will return but until then we will pretend its fall.
As I was pulling my 2 little ones in their wagon while Molly rode her bike next to me my thoughts began to wander to a different type of temperature... Spiritual temperature. I glanced at my little Red House in the distance and wondered what the spiritual temperature was in my home.
It looks so welcoming on the outside. Vines growing up and around my front porch. Fresh blooms of all color greet you at the door, and a family quilt is there for you to snuggle with on the front porch. What about when you stepped inside? Can my guests feel Christ? Can they sense their is something special about our home compared to others?
Does my kitchen table tell a story? Do those I welcome, and those that live here feel God present even in the small things served?
It got me thinking that perhaps I need to raise my thermostat. Not just for my newcomers but for the very special people that I serve every day. Christ came to serve not to be served. That is exactly the example we need to follow. Without grumbling, without whining and without (gulp) yelling.
So as of today I will adjust the spiritual temperature in my Little Red House. Tonight I will re-read Jesus's perfect example and pray I can exhibit just a trace of His goodness. I have tried not to yell... something that is shamefully a constant reminder for me...
and I will pray for grace... lots and lots of grace...


  1. I went through yrs. of losing my temper before God finally got through to me. It is refreshing though isn't it to be challenged by God's voice as to how dedicated we are to His call on our lives. How much are we willing to sacrifice? I'll be talking about that on Thurs. and Friday to the ladies. Hope you'll get to come one day. I hear you all are going to be in Susan's homegroup. That's awesome. It's a great group and it's growing!

  2. In our home my husband asks if it smells like garlic. It is a long story, but basically the same as what you are talking about here, does our home shine for Christ. When people walk in can the smell the aroma of His love and likeness through us and our lives.

    By the way, if you are going to Gatiliburg/Pigeon Forge area on vacation wave hi to us!




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