Friday, September 11, 2009

Socialization 101

What is socialization? It is a word often heard of often and thrown around with great pride concerning public school and home schooling. Many people tend to think sending their kids to school will make them "socialized." If they homeschool they will be unsocialized. Can someone explain please?
Does that mean if I send my kids to school they will be better equipped to pinch, bite, pull hair, fling boogies and self toilet train? If they attend a public school setting will they surpass a homeschoolers ability to fight with a peer? Pick and choose which drug to try first? Or perhaps win a debate concerning which political party to choose since schools have to make both parties seem just dandy!!??
Now, what about those quiet kids? You know, the one who sits in the corner and picks his nose all day? Come on, all classes have THAT one kid. What happened to him? Does he fall into the "well socialized" category since he DID attend public school??
Im so confused. The arguments for public school claim children who attend learn the art of sharing and caring and communicating with other people. Now, this is where it get SUPER confusing for me... I, myself, Little 'ol Gapgirl attended public school from K-college. Personally, I can't remember kids sharing and caring that much? Hmmm.
In the lower grades kids quickly learn the art of MINE. They master the technique of smelling out the weakest and attacking the lower status. Cliches are made and levels are established. They learn about bullying. Now, what happened??
Do you remember being in school? Do you remember the kids that were always bad?? The mean ones, the bullies, the ones that never shared or cared??? As they got older those "socialization" traits got worse...
In middle school you might have overheard your mom chat with other moms saying things like..." well, he wasn't raised properly..."
BINGO.... Did you get it??? Let me say it again... "He wasn't R-A-I-S-E-D right..."
Where do you "raise" your kid???.... at HOME!
So technically you pay money that you don't have to send kids( who should be with you ) to learn love, caring and sharing when in fact these are all things that need to be learned in the home. Thus, socialization begins and continues in the home. So why would I send my kids out of my home to be socialized when the home is where they should be???
There you have it folks, my random thoughts on socialization 101.
Now, don't be hating...


  1. I'll second the AMEN!
    I found this a while back. Keep in mind it's from a secular view, but still funny nonetheless! : )



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