Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Time Flies..

Where does the time go? And why has it been days since my last blog? Shame on me!!! The weather has been rainy and gray for days, its making my brain a bit soggy.
Its Sunday once again. The start of a new week, new lessons and new challenges. IM half ready. I have tests to grade, my homeschool planner to fill out and pages to grade. Perhaps I should be doing that instead of typing away...
The weather has turned just a bit in the south. The mornings and evenings are crisp and breezy. The afternoons are just perfect. My windows and doors remained open to give my AC unit a break. The fresh air smells nice flowing thru my home. Its time to start ripping out and "winter-izing" my front flower bed. My butterfly bush and my morning glories are tired! They will be replaced by tall cornstalks and mums. Some of my outdoor plants came in. The cool fall night might be too much for them. They found new homes above my kitchen cabinet, they look beautiful and green! Just the splash of color my kitchen needed. My home is cozy and warm, just how I like it to be.
My knitting is not going as fast as I hoped but its still there. I enjoy every second and try to steal moments away. Abby-girl took my hooks out and after I almost threw up from freaking out, I took a deep breath and was able to slowly thread my hook back inside. Not too much damage was done but it definitely looks "home-made." Oh well, she is cute, what can I say?
So far no baby #6 but we are still going forth full force! I have a great feeling for October and pray this is the month our little blessing will travel down to earth to start her/his life with us. Say a quick prayer if you can, it will be a long prayerful road for us... either way. Im excited nonetheless. Just the thought of a new soft bundle gets me giggly. I miss having a baby around and hearing the coos and the cries. I know the kids would just adore the baby and he will never be put down. Talk about being loved???
This week will be a light week. Tomorrow I will focus on learning all letter recognition with Molly. She needs to master that sooner than later. She is determined to learn so she can play her computer game..."all by myself..." I want to make that happen for her. The girls will do some Social Studies to complete American History and some light spelling. Then reading comprehension. Done! A nice way to ease into a monday. EMma has a day off for math says her program and Hannah will review division on the computer. An area she needs to really focus on!!
Well I must go, its been a slow weekend thus a slow post. Im sure the house will be full of life tomorrow, when the sun will shine again.

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