Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Knotty Girls Knitting Night

Last night was our first Knotty girls Knit society meeting. As soon as everyone arrived, we got down to business!! Elizabeth kindly instructed us on how to make knots, cap on(?) and knit away! It was so nice to hear the squeals of excitement filter the room as one by one we "mastered" our first stitch. I have wanted to knit for so long, there is something so comforting about yarn. I was extremely intimidated by the two needles and images of older women flipping them around as if they were drumsticks danced in my head, but after last night my confidence rose! Long after the girls left, I sat in bed and continued to knit, not wanting to close my eyes. Always saying ... just one more. Perhaps this will become my new obsession? My house covered in all sorts of twists and patterns? Ok, maybe Im getting a bit ahead of myself, but I am enjoying it to the fullest. We also had a "master" crocheter teach us chain stitching and single looping? My terminology is strictly my own. Perhaps my craft store will have a home-makers dictionary I can pick up? Who knows. I learned how to crochet when I was pregnant with the boy-child #4. I was set on making him a blanket to wrap his little soft body in. I worked and worked hours on end but needless to say, my stitching needed help and his blanket (unfinished) remains in my yarn bag. Kendra happily showed me some tips to help me along and a new stitch, so I will buy more yarn and practice!!!
It was nice to be surrounded by women who had the same passion for learning. We shared ideas, projects we were working on and some even showed their own masterpieces!!!!
The circular rug shown above was crochet by bedsheets and will be a room size rug. It was beautiful! I look forward to our next get together where we can talk, knit, crochet and fellowship!

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