Monday, September 21, 2009

I Wish, I Wish With All My Heart...

While searching the aisles of my favorite homeschool bookstore this past weekend, I ran another book that I knew I HAD to have!!! It is a must have, another bible, if I do say so myself. A hardcover thick book filled with everything I need to know and everything I need to train up my 4 daughters. Its a book that will be passed down, a book whose pages will be familiarly wrinkled. It will be highlighted and written in. The kids will look back and remember the times we gathered around it learning new stitches or recipes or how-to's. It was $49 so I left it there.... but I will return in October to bring it home to me. It will be mine and it will be cherished. Even hubby thought it was the "Homemakers bible" and will most certainly find a place in our home.
It is called "Training our daughters to be keepers at Home" by Ann Ward. Its a 7 year homeschooling coarse on teaching our daughters (and myself) skills such as:

Godly Womanhood Flower Arranging Making a House a Home
Sewing Basketry Caring for the Sick & Injured
Cooking/Baking Family Finances Family Celebrations
Gardening Embroidery Childbearing
Knitting Child Development Infant Care & Breastfeeding

Making Greeting Cards

Child Training Raising Small Animals
Home Management Cross Stitch Soapmaking
Quilting Hospitality Candlemaking
Crocheting Caring for the Elderly Woman's Health Concerns
Comforting the Mourning Rug Braiding Home Business

I flipped thru the pages of the book and stared in wonder. Illustrated pictures on how to knit (you all know how much I need that) decorating ideas, wonderful recipes. The pages were thin and filled with small print from top to bottom. So much information was packed into that huge book. I didn't want to walk away, I didn't want to leave it but I knew I had to. The kids were getting wild and hubby was losing patience. It will be mine and it will be read from cover to cover. I will begin the study with my girls in the New Year. I can't wait. Of coarse as I put the book down I saw another treasure lying next to it... "Created To Be His Help-Meet" By Debi Pearl. I smiled... knowing this was a very good table!


  1. I read back over your last weeks post and loved them all. I love Debi Pearl, a life changing book for me. I will sure check out your recommendation.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. I am so glad you posted about this book. I heard a few references from some other blogs but had no idea what it was about. Now I do know! It is now on my wishlist.



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