Sunday, September 20, 2009

When It Rains...

The last 3 days in the south have been soggy and gray! Not that Im complaining. Every so often a soul needs this type of weather to cozy up and prepare for whats ahead. After endless months of sun and heat, this was just a brief reminder that cold cloudy wet days are soon to find us. I know the sun will be here soon enough, but until then I will enjoy the warmth of the cozy!!!
Saturday all of our fun family plans were cancelled. We had 7 very disappointed faces. Prayers were prayed all week for sun but much to our dismay, we could not find any! SO, we did the next best thing... took a detour out to the country homeschool "bookstore" and bought!
I went there strictly to buy "Teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons." this book comes HIGHLY recommended by many experienced moms and I even have seen great reviews while circling Blog-land. I have been eyeing it for a while and quickly snatched it off the shelf. I browsed the wonderful books. Aisles and Aisles of wonders. I never know what to look at first when I go. My children ran off to try and find the cats that live among the print and I got lost in all the covers. A math book for Molly found its way in my arms. Great illustrations, colors and easy to do together. It will give her the basic sorting,counting and adding skills she needs. I also picked up another great read for me. "Little Women." Tis book is no stranger to me. I have seen the movie every year traditionally for 13 years. Every day somewhere in November, the girls and I cuddle and watch the adventures of the March Sisters. Next week I have a book club meeting and this was the book! I have a lot of reading to do in the next 12 days but I have faith it could be done!!!
I also noticed, on the clearanced table, they had a fictional story of a girl living in the lost city Pompeii. I just introduced that famous story to the girls last week. We studied the different types of rock and when we mentioned dried lava, our conversation switched to Pompeii and that devastating day in August. There went our science lesson as we searched the internet for every fact and pictures we could find. They were FASCINATED!!! Their eyes bright with wonder. I remembered feeling that same way when I too learned of its fateful history. We studied Mt. Vesuvius and saw the mummified bodies. That book was perfect! I snatched it up as well.
I could have honestly bought everything in that dusty old warehouse. We will be back in just a few weeks for their big sale and much more will be purchased. November is coming up, a time for us to study in depth, great heros of our country. The Pilgrim's Progress, and the American Patriots handbook will be recited and learned!!!
Shortly after we dropped our chick-lits off at a friends house. They surprised us with free babysitting so Hubby and I could have a night to ourselves. We were so blessed by their kindness. The kids had a blast playing on the playground, having a picnic and playing games!!! We indulged in delish Thai food. Spicy, hot and just right. The lettuce wraps are my favorite.
We returned to pick up our spoiled children and chatted a bit before we departed for home.
Home is always a good way to end a night. Always welcoming your return and smelling of good familiar scents. The kids and I chatted about our evenings and then scampered off to their own little beds. Tucked in and tired from a long day, they quickly all fell asleep. The morning comes quickly and church was waiting!!!
Today was a typical Sunday for us. We relaxed and I will spend my last few hours of the weekend lesson planning and knitting before I go to sleep. Monday is almost here. I don't like monday. Its always very off balance. Perhaps I will pray a little longer and a little harder so monday is not that bad. Im sure I will keep you posted!!!


  1. I am having a mini yard sale this weekend, there'll be more books, so come by if you want....Friday starting at 8 a.m.

  2. Where is this awesome book store you speak of?
    And BTW, I also used 100 Easy Lessons with Maddy in K4 and by the end of the year she was reading on a 2nd grade level. I can't sing enough praises of this book!

  3. My SIL just bought that book from Amazon and the Duggars mentioned it too. I am still reading my HelpMeet book. It is radical but I LOVE it!



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