Thursday, September 10, 2009

Im Getting My Soapbox...

Recently I read a discussion about children under 5 attending school. Some as early as 2 years old are send to "school." My husband and I like to refer to it as daycare. Plain and simple. You can dress it up but can't change what it really is. Some moms are just terrified that they can't send their Jon or Joe to school. Other moms quickly offered supportive advice, work at night to get the money, cut back and scrimp and save, send her for only 2 days instead of 3... and so forth. Im sure you get the idea. Now, if a mom must work due to financial reasons or if she is a single mom then you do what you must... if your a stay at home mom then I just don't understand.
I don't understand what the rush is? What's the importance of sending these tiny, precious, moldable gifts from God out of the nest so soon? I simply just don't get it. Its sad. Its sad that some moms feel that their little vulnerable child is better off in the hands of a stranger than their own? I guess in time the teachers become friends but they still will never have your childs best interest at heart.
I look at my children and regret the years I didn't have with them. I regret the time I too fell into the lies of "my time." I shake my head to think my kids were better off somewhere besides under my wing where they would be the safest. Yes, its inevitable that they will leave. I expect that, I look forward to the day they can confidently walk out into this world and blossom, but until that day, I will hold them and teach them and love them knowing that time is not at 2 or 3 or 4 years of age!

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