Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quite Random

I added some pictures of random activities that have happened throughout our little red house. If you peer in any nook or cranny, you will find someone is always up to something. The kids are forever using their imaginations and turning the oddest moments and spaces into an endless adventure. Its a good thing, even though my compulsive need to keep things orderly often interrupts their fun. Im trying, I promise... but sometimes the need for neat takes over. Perhaps its something that needs to be added to my prayer list. Maybe even prioritized to the tippy-tippy top. After all, wasn't I the girl who came home from delivering baby #2 and vacuumed my living room because it hadn't been done in 2 days??? Yes, I will work on that.
Tonight I had a wonderful moment with my oldest daughter. It was just myself and the first 4 headed home from church in our big black van. The other three watched Milo and Otis and Em sat quietly in the front seat. I knew I had to call my sis but something told me to put the phone down and listen to the heart of my child. Our conversation quickly turned to prayer. She told me how at youth group she went to their "prayer closet" and prayed to God something that was on her heart. After some gently prying, she confided in me. What was it?? Well, I'll never tell. I was sworn to secrecy. Don't worry, she is 12. It really was not life shattering or life changing but to her it was the secrets of her heart. We began to chat about what the bible said about prayer closets and how important prayer was. Thankfully, this was just discussed in my bible study that night, so I had plenty of advice to offer.
"Wouldn't it be neat if we had our own prayer closet? A place to go and shut ourselves off for a few minutes a day to focus on prayer." I said
She smiled. She loved the idea. Being the oldest, she craves her own space. Unfortunately, we don't have the room for one. Not now anyway and not for many years to come. Our little red home is filled to the brim and if prayers are answered... will be stuffed even tighter... but I did offer something else...
"Well Em, if their is a time you feel the need for a place to pray and seek God... NOT to color, draw or just hang out.. come to me and I will make a way. My closet is available to you whenever you need it..."
Before you choke at the thought of me stuffing my dear child into a dark closet, just relax and know I have a nice roomy walk-in and will be adding a cute bench for when I need private phone calls away from my very nosy kids....
She loved the idea. I loved the fact that she opened her heart to me even more. I said a quick thank you prayer and I pray the lines of communication will never close. My prayers for her will only grow longer and more frequent as she enters those tumultuous years. She is an amazing graceful little girl and I know she will make a great lady!

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  1. You are a good Mommy.
    And....When I came home with baby # 7 I had to vacuum too. I think having a large family makes you want to keep things a little picked up. More people, more stuff can feel chaotic.
    But I need to live a little more in letting it go sometimes.



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