Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!!

Happy Sunday to everyone. The weather here has been fabulous and I have been spending most of my time outdoors playing with the children and soaking in as much Vitamin D as my body will allow.
This weekend hubby ripped up another patch of sod and planted 20 more strawberry plants. He has been diligently checking temperatures and covering them at night to make sure they survive the cold temps at night.
The seedlings are tiny and so delicate but their root system is strong. They might flinch at a gust of wind or shudder at a cold dew drop but they will survive.
The spring time always reminds me of my children. Many times I have compared homeschooling my precious brood to growing a garden. The backlash received from many homeschoolers is that they are sheltered... ill prepared for life or have no way of dealing with the world. Oh how wrong those people are.

My children are precious little seeds who I sprout in my home. Just like gardeners do in the very early spring, I keep my children in an environment that is safe for their time. I teach them, love them, water them and pray for them.

All too soon my little seedlings will grow big and need to be transplanted. My safe warm, temperature controlled home will have to be left for the inconsistencies of the soil.

At the right time I will bring them out and let them go, I will watch from afar as my husband has been doing. We will run to them if they need us but mostly sit back and let nature take its coarse.

We are confident that they will blossom. We have prepared their root system well. They are now prepared for the season.

I often tell my doubters that sending kids out for battle unprepared will only bring them back scarred and battered. Some children make it fine and others are destroyed.

The choice is up to each parent. For me, there is no choice. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but when looking back, I want to make sure I did everything possible to help them grow....


  1. Very well written thoughts!!I love the comparison.

  2. I have to agree with the above comment. This entry is very nicely written :)

  3. Hsppy Sunday to you too! Thanks Gap Girl for all the prayers for our lil Z and for having my back! I enjoy your blog and your wisdom. you are a great mom.
    Hugs from us..Still in Charleston, but hoping to be home soon.

    Rhonda : )

  4. I left you a blog award - come and check it out!



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