Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Black Beauty...

Our Little Red House has been busy. Our Big Black Van has taken a turn. Something is amis with her and needs fixin. Im not upset. She has high miles and has been oh so good to us for so many years.

When we got her I was pregnant with #4… Noah. We had spent the previous months praying for a van and God gently placed this big monster in our laps. We were instantly in love..

We drove her off the lot and straight to a friends house to celebrate. Right there in the driveway, she was prayed over. A prayer of 400,000 miles plus. We are not there yet but have not had a problem with her in the 4 years we have had her. ( Besides normal maintenance)

Anyway, today hubby will start performing “open heart surgery” on her. We hope and pray all will be well in time for this VERY warm weekend coming up.

Until then I will try my best NOT to go bonkers by being locked in the house…..


  1. Vans are so nice and roomy. And we keep a vehicle until it either rusts apart (beach livin') or starts costing more money to fix then purchase another. LOL!
    I think the most miles we had on a vehicle was my husbands 4Runner. It had almost 300,000 but it was rusting away!
    I hope all goes well with the "heart surgery".

  2. Praying for your Black Beauty too!!!


  3. I hope that your Black Beauty just needs minor touches! It looks like a comfty way to travel!

  4. Love the vans, a home away from home.

  5. Praying for the van and for the hubby- he is an amazing fixer though.
    Love the kids and especially the littles with the blankets.

  6. Hope everything goes well with your van. I don't know if I could ever be a mad mom in a mini van, but if I got enough kids it would be the only option. my parents had a van while growing up and i loved it. i loved all the space

  7. We just recently downgraded back to a regular car as most times it is just my daughter and myself while hubby is on the road. But I do miss our van. Hope the open heart surgery goes well.



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