Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Having Girls...

Whenever someone hears that I have FOUR girls living under one roof, I always hear the same things....

"Oh you poor thing..."
"Ugh, your husband is gonna run away..."
"I feel sorry for you in a few years..."

I love to turn the tables and tell them that they are the ones that are crazy. I love having all these girls around me. For me, having all these girls (and possibly more) couldn't be better!
The reasons are endless:

long hair
dress up
constant chatter
company in the kitchen
shopping partner

I know that no matter how old I am or how grown my kids will be, my home will always be full. Girls come back and with them come their life.

My kitchen will always be full,

My house will always be full of chatter

and my door will always be open.

When all those people that consider kids (girls) useless and bothersome are alone, my quiver will still be full. Perhaps then, I can invite them over and give them a glimpse of the blessings they missed out on all these years.


  1. I pray that those that choose not to have children, have a change of heart. My uncle chose to have no children, and he can barely speak about my kids without choking up. He knows what he missed out on, and it breaks my heart. NOthing's more heartbreaking than seeing a giant 6ft. man cry.

  2. I get the same thing except I have 4 BOYS (I do have 1 little girl)
    I am also expecting another boy in a few weeks.

    The more the merrier right???

  3. Oh, I LOVE having Girls...I hope one day to have Atleast one more...but a sixth Boy would be OK too. (P.S. People say the same thing about having sooo many Boys:)

  4. I love your posts! I stumbled upon your site yesterday and haven't been able to stop reading it! :)
    I had been considering homeschooling my 3 and 1 year olds and now I am gravitating towards it much more. And I love the Gap too! I'm always posting about their deals.
    Hope to get to know each other more :)


  5. Beautifully written, I am having my second girl and am exstatic for them to be siters, I my self always wanted a sister. love the message :) Mae

  6. I grew up one of 5 girls and I love it still! We call each other every day. We have 1 younger brother and every Sunday we all go to my parents home for brunch and to hang out for the day. So much fun with all the grandkids running around together. I myself have only 1 girl so far and 3 boys, I dream of having another girl or more? You are so blessed, and I wish people would keep their comments to themselves! I had a lady turn to me in the store one day asking if my 4 little ones were all mine and then she followed it with "I pity you"! I couldn't believe it!

    I've been following your blog for a few months and I love stopping in. It has been an encouragement to read, and to know that I'm not the only person that "thinks this way". Congratulations on the pregnancy, I'm excited for you.

  7. I love your endless reasons for wanting to have your girls around. I too love having a full home with chatter and lots and lots of love filling all the rooms. I call my home the Kool-Aid home becuase it's always full of children, laughter, and usually a great big mess, but that's ok, the mess can be cleaned up, the memories that are made are priceless!

  8. I think it would be great to have a whole bunch of girls. I was in girl scouts and loved having so many "sisters"

  9. Very true. Awesome outlook.

  10. I know what you mean! I have to admit though, I don't know how to relate well with girls. My mom never built a relationship with us. I was a major tomboy and I relate with my boys better. I am learning but I find it hard at times with all the emotion that comes with girls. I'm not the emotional type. I need to learn and try to understand it better. The thing that is great about girls though is that when they grow up, they like to visit moms house and bring their little ones over. That is different with son because when they get married, their wife tends to want to go to their moms house. :) I have 4 boys and 2 girls. Maybe I need some more girls then.

  11. I read Amy's comment. That is so, so, so, so sad. :(

  12. I think I would absolutely LOVE to have girls as well. Obviously I want healthy children but I'd love to have at least one girl. CONGRATS on baby #6! That is so excited, I will be praying for you guys!! God Bless, xoxo.

  13. OK OK love my girls. BUT WHAT ABOUT MY NEPHEW??? mini me of daddy?? LOL how about natalie or colleen?? missyou always

  14. This is such a beautiful post.
    Thanks for saying it like it is.

    Becky K.



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