Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Name Game

And so it begins....
What shall this new little one be called? I know Im only 8 weeks and 3 days but I need a plan! A call to arms is in place and the name game has begun.

Unlike most of America, I have already named 5 children... 5 of the best names in the english language. Im out of ideas. Done. Empty.

If this poor baby is a girl who knows what the name could be.... or how long she will be on earth BEFORE actually having a name.

Every name I like, hubby doesn't.

I mention a name and one of my precious, nosy, opinionated children just raise their eyebrow and casually turn to Dad and say..." um NO dad!!"

Lovely kids.

We have a theme. Classic 2 syllable names. Pretty, old-fashioned and sometimes biblical.

The heat is on. Everyone has an opinion.

So... whats yours???


  1. I'm with you. As soon as I get a positive on that test I start to think of names. We have classic names with Biblical meanings. I also felt like I ran out of names after baby #5. It took us a while to name baby #6 (who is another boy and not here yet)
    We have 4 boys and 1 girl.

  2. haha. I'll keep my choices to myself. I like out game of "A name a day" xoxoxo but Megan is 2 syllables! :)

  3. We had AnnaKate Elisabeth picked out for our Girl name when we had Judah. *But* we found out, that there were 2 AnnaKate's that go to our Girls' Ballet School. We stuck with it though, until we found out He was a Boy. I also like Suzanne (Brian had a sister named Suzanne) and calling her Susie.
    Judah started out as Gabriel, then Caleb, then Judah. Judah Wayne. Baby JuJah. I like Asher for another Boy name.
    I LOVE the Baby Name Game, but it is Serious Stuff :)
    So Happy for You.

  4. Hi there, glad you stopped by. I always say there is a reason why people come into our lives and something drew me to you. Congratulations on the new addition to come. I only have boy names coming to my mind. I like Roman and Micah. Can't wait to follow you and the baby!


  5. Well..I like different names..hence, My Preslee, Kerrigan & Zeb. Our first baby the one that lives in heaven, she would have been named Moriah. I
    personally like Rachel for a girl and Micah for a boy or girl... but I am sure I will come up with some more and share later..SOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!


  6. Congratulations what a blessing!I love the whole process of name chosing!Have fun!Marla

  7. Congratulations!! Naming is never easy. Our first child was a name I'd liked for years. Just pick what you two like. Make it go with the flow with your other children's names. If your hubby is anything like mine, he comes up with funny names and we still laugh about it! HA!!

  8. For a girl-
    Greta (my name, ha!) it's old fashioned & two syllables. Not Biblical though.

    Corrie - this is my sister's name, named after Corrie Ten Boom, an amazing, godly woman. Also two syllables and old fashioned.

    For a boy -
    Caleb! I'm choosing this if I ever have a boy.



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