Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prayers Needed

Lyle Family

Please pray for this little guy, who as we speak is undergoing risky open heart surgery in Charleston. His mom Rhonda is kind enough to be updating her blog for all those prayer warriors all over the world who have been following her story. CHeck out her blog for updates. His surgery will be ongoing for the next 7 hours. Perhaps a word of encouragement as well....

and for those who will say something negative to her for blogging while her son is in surgery... go away!


  1. Praying and uplifting the whole family. And having sat through more than one long, long surgery for both my youngest and his dad I say.. Blog Away! I know she's praying at the same time and it'll keep her from losing her mind with worry.

  2. praying and i think there is nothing wrong with blogging. it is a great way to keep everyone updated

  3. Do you have an update? Def. been praying.

  4. My prayers are with him and the family!



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