Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Sweet Treats...

Spring has sprung in the south!! The warm weather is finally here which means one thing.... GARDEN!

Yesterday hubby brought home 4 beautiful roma tomato plants and our veggie garden has begun. It joined the Oregano that is coming back with vengeance from last year and about 25 strawberry plants .

The kids and I are so excited to begin our gardening adventure. It has been a long gray winter and the sun is badly craved!

All my perennials are popping their heads out of the soil. Every morning after the kids are fed, I make my rounds. My neighbors must think Im crazy but I don't care. Nothing makes me happier than visiting my gardens and watching my flowers grow. I sit outside for an hour or so just enjoying the wonders of nature.

Its the small things in life that make life so good!


  1. I love spring!I also love gardening!We are in the north so not where you are yet!Hope to have some good weather this weekend!Maybe hitting the 70's whoo hoo!

  2. I love your blog! You see life the same way I always wanted to see it :)

  3. LOve it! I am starting mine next week. North is not quite warm enough yet. :) wooo. My 1st garden. :)



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