Saturday, December 17, 2011

All They Want For Christmas...

With 6 kids Christmas gets expensive!!! Challenging!

With a limited budget, hubby and I decided years ago that less is best.

TRUST ME, no need to start pitying these dear children... they are well taken care of. But in a material world, we like to control what type of material girl (or boy) they become.

Every year we say we will stick to 3 gifts each. 3 big gifts... but every year we fail miserably. Don't get me wrong, its not too much more but its never just 3!

I tend to get carried away. But since gifts and extras are so limited through the year, I don't mind indulging just a bit for Christmas.

Even with my over-shopping, I still manage to come in UNDER budget. And most people's jaw drops when they realize just how little I do spend.

*** I have amazing shopping skills... really***

I also **LOVE** to include necessities like scarves, undies, make-up, toiletries...
All those things all the kids need anyway, but somehow, when its all wrapped up, they get super stoked!!

But anyway, My kids have had their Christmas list written for about 2 months now. Its been written and re-written and written again. Come mid-november we close shop and nothing else can be added to the list. I refuse... refuse to be out fighting the crowds the last 2 weeks of christmas for their latest "must have."

Plus, with my competitive spirit... it might not end well...

Top 3 gifts the kids want...:

Bow and arrow
Hunger games companion book/ regular books
a necklace she saw

Harry Potter Scene it
(Yes, we allow Harry Potter. No we are not witches. Please refrain from any and all negative  comments. Especially from those who LOVE Disney World or anything related. The "MAGIC" Kingdom...HELLOO!!!)
A certain Cake decorating kit
A ring she picked out

Sidewalk chalk
A guitar

preferably a Wii game

Strawberry shortcake toy
Little Pony Toy

Has no clue :)

We really don't do big electronic items. Some years we have given DS's. We also have been super SUPER blessed by extended family that have offered to buy the kids wii's, ipods, cameras and other items like that. Their generosity has always been overwhelming.

The greatest tradition we have in our home is our Secret Santa grab bag. During dessert on Thanksgiving, we pick names out of hats and that is our secret santa. We then buy them gifts, usually one store bought and as many homemade as they like and wrap them up under the tree!!!

The kids get SO excited to give to their special someone and just LOVE shopping for the perfect gift!!
they then torture each other endlessly till Christmas eve. At night, we gather 'round the tree and exchange.
This really is my favorite tradition we share and my FAVORITE part of Christmas. 1 gift brings the giver AND the receiver so much joy!!
I love to sit back and watch them play with their gift as if it were the very best thing in the whole wide world. HOURS of entertainment.

Christmas day tends to be overwhelming.

Kids rush to see the next thing they got....
they don't enjoy everything they have.

For me, Christmas Eve shows the true meaning of Christmas. Love expressed to each other and love enjoyed through "ONE" special gift.

Makes me want to slim down Christmas even more...

And remember why we celebrate it in the first place.




  1. What a great post! I always say I am going to buy less too and focus on the Reason for the season and this year I think I finally did it! Maybe it's because I really haven't had the time to shop or maybe it's seeing the GK have more toys than they can possibly play with. Our collegiate daughter hasn't made up her mind what she wants so it's going to be a gift card. Son and DIL failed to turn in their list too, so, more gift cards. My Sweetie picked out his stuff and I gave him my list; looks like we are in budget and all finished. My new motto is simplify.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. We do three gifts per kid, too! But it usually ends up to be one extra. And then I get them PJ's to open on Christmas eve. And stockings don't count! So, I have a hard time sticking to three things, too!

  3. I LOVE the Christmas Eve/Secret Santa gift idea, I think we will do this next year. We try to stick to three gifts as well, otherwise it can really overwhelming.

  4. Your post is great. I usually shop through out the year, picking up a few things for people. This is the first year we drew names for the 5 of us...spouses don't get each other cuz we give each other something anyway. So we wind up buying less, which is nice. Grandkids are still little and so I bought some things for them. We did it this year due to less money. Real reason for Christmas is Jesus anyway and we give our love all year long to each other.
    Merry Christmas!



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