Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let There Be Light!!!

For the past 4 years, we don't consider Christmas complete without a chilly visit to the crazy Christmas house.

One sweet couple spend hours and hours and MONTHS of hard work decorating their precious home for others to enjoy.

With over 250,000 lights and over 100 inflatables, this house is a Christmas wonder!!

On any given day from December thru January, hundreds of locals stand in line to enter a magical land of lights.

Christmas music plays, a movie is projected on the garage door and FREE hot cocoa and popcorn are given out to everyone.
Santa waits to greet you by the open fire and hands out candy canes to all the good little girls and boys...
Once we have our goodies, we head around the house to see the magic of the season. Paths are made all around the lawn. Everyone respectfully follows the paths and happily takes pictures for everyone else.

Lights are everywhere. Music blares and Children dance in excitement.

Everyone loves the "crazy Christmas house." Its infamous in our little town.
Even in the midst of Santa-land, the real reason for the season takes center stage.
New crosses were added this year for one of the owners grandparents... who passed away on Christmas eve of last year.

Every year, we brave the cold to capture just a few moments at the crazy Christmas house.

This year we took my cousin Neal. He has never been there before, so we decided it was TIME!!!

Even Emma couldnt resist taking a picture with her favorite Christmas Character!!!

I think this is one of my favorite parts. The Angel Choir. They always sing something beautiful!! Inside their house, they have 5 rotating Christmas trees for you to see thru the window.

As you make your way down the other side of the driveway and head home, they have another donation bucket. People are so kind and donate to keep this precious event going!!

Sometimes in a world full of selfishness, its such a blessing to find those that give 100% of themselves.

All evening, after we came home, I thought of these 2 people.
What they give.
What they sacrifice...
Just to show others LOVE.

Now, THAT is what Christmas is all about.




  1. I've heard of it, but we've never been!

  2. how fun for you and I am sure the couple enjoy doing it! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!



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