Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its A Christmas Miracle!!!

Can you believe Im actually blogging 2 times in one week?? It must be a miracle.
Actually, its not. I just needed a break from the real world for a bit. Know what im sayin? Hubby took a half day from work so that was such a wonderful surprise for me!!

Even better is the fact that 3 of my girls are with my Aunt baking Christmas cookies and the baby is fast asleep!

Perfect blogging atmosphere!!

I have been so saddened by the news lately. I don't like to watch it, but even then, being on Facebook makes it unavoidable. Killings, shooting, sex offenders all around and the worst part is, most of these are done by people they KNOW!! 

Its crazy. When you have a baby, you fret over the littlest things like what toothpaste to use, but once they get older,  parents hand them over to the wolves to devour...


Every time I log onto facebook or turn on the news or go on to AOL, im faced with parents killing their children, kids getting molested by family members or shootings. Then there is all the junk you hear around you from other people...I can't even being in start on Virginia Tech and whats happening over there RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! I think I need a break from reality for a bit before I vomit over my keyboard.

So, forgive me as this blog contains nothing but FLUFF and sparkly crapola.


My weekend ahead is just CHOCK-FULL of events yall. Like really. It seems like every available space on my calendar is taken with fun Christmas events, socials, church responsibilities. Once my heavily eyeliner-eyes open tomorrow I am out and running and won't stop until Saturday afternoon... and then it picks up again on Sunday!!

Tomorrow will also consist of an overnight getaway to somewhere locally great. And thats all im going to say for right now...

But I'll be sure to blog all about it after I return.

But nails have to be done, food has to be bought, dresses need to be shopped for and so forth.
My older girls have a formal next weekend. They attend every year and look forward to it the day after its over. My Hannah begins shopping for a dress in the summertime!!!

But this year they have 2 formals to go to so she has been scouring the racks for quite some time. So all this week, hairstyles will be perfected, make-up will be applied and re-applied until its perfect and last minute details will be in place.

 I also had to show you these pajamas I recently bought at Ross...
I couldnt believe my eyes as I pulled out this soft fleece nightgown..

Pink puff sleeves...


Does it get any better??

I didn't really have the extra money to spend so I put it back on the rack and walked away...

Ok, I hid it in the rack...

Don't judge. Like you have NEVER done that before??

Anyway, as Im walking away my Hannah comes running over and whispers in my ear...

"COme on Mom... are you really going to leave it? Its sooo you. You know it wont be here tomorrow..."

I thought about it for a split half a second a few moments and then ran back and snatched it from under the piles of ol lady jammies I crammed it under must have dropped it.

It was MINE!!! All mine and I am in love. Leopard with PINK PUFF SLEEVES!!!

I also saw this sign too. I LOVE it.
And I really wanted to buy it and hang it in my kitchen but I felt bad.
I don't drink and don't want my kids to drink either, so I don't want things to casually glorify hard liqueur ya know??

But I can't help but love it to bits.

And the jury is still out on whether or not I might snatch it up if I see it again.

Don't look at me like yall don't know what Im talking about ladies...

If your a mom, and never at one point in your life have felt like you needed to order this drink at your local drive thru...

Then your flat out LYING!!!! HA!

Ok, seriously. Im done being silly now.

Ahhh, that felt good. Time with my bloggy girls is just what I needed. Its good to visit with other like-minded families all over the country.

Where core family values are held at the highest regard. God is loved and kids are cherished.

Remember to pray for all those people out there suffering and lost. Christmas can be such a hard time of year for so many people.

Parties, dresses and wrapping paper are clearly not what CHRISTmas is all about... although sometimes it seems that way. We get so lost in the hustle and bustle of our culture that we tend to push past the hurting souls. Or forget that people, even the very closest ones, are suffering. Dearly... The pain doesnt go away for CHRISTmas. It sometimes gets worse.

So, in between the homeschool parties and the church programs, reach out to as many people as you can. Its as simple as a kind word in the grocery store or at the gas station. Small homemade gifts to the children of your neighborhood, or homemade goodies to the elderly couple down the block.

You might never know how you impacted them on a very sad day!!

A day where sometimes hearts hurt more than they love...


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