Monday, December 12, 2011


Oh what a weekend!!!
We are currently recovering from a fun christmas filled whirlwind weekend.
Of course, recovering with 4 small kids equals crying, screaming and UBER cranky day but all in all, it was worth every tear! (whine scream and fight)
It started off bright and early with my littles dressed in their Christmas best for our church's annual pre-school program. Our sanctuary was filled with overly-obsessed excited parents and grandparents ready to snap 1,000 pictures of their childs ever move.

Was I included in this you ask?

Nope, I calmly sat in our usual seats and didn't remind my husband 10 times that we should have sat closer to the front or that there was no way I would be able to see my sweet babies from our seats out in no mans land.

I also may or may not have made my hubby go back to the nursery to make sure my baby was delivered on stage WITH her furry ugg boots on.

I beamed with pride as I saw my son on stage. His red sweater vest with his hands in his pockets made me tear up with joy. Im sure my Abby was just as cute, but since she was shoved behind kids that were twice her size, her performance was left up to my imagination.

And my P was perfect on stage, in her pink dress and those cute furry boots I make her wear!!

Thanks Kathleen, for making sure she looked super cute!!

Once home, we ate pizza and took naps and then headed back to my Aunt and Uncle's church for their annual Christmas production. 

I stress PRODUCTION because it simply was amazing.

They put on a one of a kind show which included baby Jesus, Santa Clause and Phil Stacey from American Idol. (not necessarily in that order.)
My kids took turns lap hopping and nothing was lost over the balcony.
In my mind that is SUCCESS!!!

The night was finished off at my Aunts house eating the most delicious homemade cookies made by her!!! (and my girls)

we all changed into our pajamas, had corny Christmas movies on and enjoyed the evening.
It was good!

So, on behalf of a busy weekend and a very horrible, no good, very bad day due to lack of sleep...

My cousin came over tonight for a much needed impromptu wing night...
with a side of melted mozzarella rolls.

They currently just ran down the block to raid my aunts cookie jar.

Yes, im serious.
2 grown men and 2 teenagers stealing cookies at night.


only family...

but thats why we love them right??



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