Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Our mail lady is awesome. Really! She delivers our bills mail in a silver jeep with her freshly dyed maroon hair and many piercings. She knows my big black van and never forgets to wave as I drive on by. She casually chats with the neighbors and delivers all my packages right to my porch.

This morning we were still in pajamas with bed head getting ready for the day when our doorbell rang. I tiptoed to the peephole in hopes the visitor did not hear the chaos behind my walls. If I was very careful, perhaps I could just "pretend" we were not home. I shushed and yelled quieted the children.

What a relief to see my favorite lady dropping packages off for us. I opened my door and waved and said thank you. We exchanged pleasantries as some children escaped out the open door...

I was quite baffled since all of our expected purchases had already arrived, but I picked them up and brought them to the kitchen table for a closer look.

My children were now hovering over me like little mosquitoes trying to catch a peek at the return address. I, again, shooed them away until one white box caught my eye.

A big piece of tape was on the side that said "perishables... open immediately.'

It was from ZABARS.

Hmmm... Zabars? Perishables? I knew Zabars was an awesome epicurean store located in NYC but why are we getting a package from there and who was the sender??
I must admit, it was quite exciting on this otherwise rainy day.

We quickly ripped open the package and pulled out




Do I hear an AMEN as well??

A piece of home never made 8 people sooo happy.

And the bag that the bagels were in??....


But who were they from??

A little note fell out and it read:

Good 'ol Aunt Eva... Hubby's sister and our nephew...

She's the best isn't she.

And she really made us feel special today...

So Aunt Eva... if your reading this...

THANK YOU from the very bottom of our tummy's. You could have not picked a better gift if you tried. The only thing that could have made it better, was if you and that sweet boy were joining us on Christmas morning. All of us, around the table, eating and laughing and eating some more...

In spirit you will be. We love you




  1. Yeay me! hehehe Glad you guys were excited to get it! I was excited to send it!!! xoxo

  2. How precious! That would make this southern girl so happy too : ) My husband is from Long Island and there is nothing like NY bagels! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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