Friday, December 16, 2011

SUYL Christmas Decorations!!!

I LOVE Christmas.

I do!

I love the reason for the season and I just LOVE the glitter!!

I won't buy a lick of decor if its not at least half covered with the sparkly stuff.

Its so bad, even Link the cat always has a face full of that stuff.

Our tree is artificial. But its awesome and beyond life-like.

White lights are a must!!!

And anything gloriously sparkly.

Every year I add some more. Some new picks for my mantle.

More bulbs for my tree and some shiny ornaments for my mini trees!!

At night, the only lights are from our tree and I sit and stare. I really think its the most prettiest tree in the world...

In the coziest house in the world...

with the best family in the world...

Is that bad??

I just love them so much. Shouldn't we all think that way??

Even though I sometimes complain that its a bit snug in here at times... I do think my Little Red House is the best little house in the world!!



1 comment:

  1. I love this post, it's like you plucked it out of my head, ha ha! Your tree is gorgeous! I, too, like to sit with the lights off and the tree glowing at night! Merry Christmas!



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