Monday, December 19, 2011

Back Up The Mountain

After a very very late friday night, we packed up our big black van and headed up to the mountain in NC to visit our dear friends.
I just love the drive and still oohhh and ahhh like a pathetic city tourist. 

In total, I have been a southerner for 7.5 years. Considering thats almost half of my marriage and adulthood, you would think it would finally sink in. But it doesn't. I guess Im still so thankful that God brought us back down south after 8 years in NY. Eight l-o-n-g years.

They were beneficial years and blessings flowed from them, but we floated for all 8 of them. We knew since moving back to NY, we would be back south. We just didn't know when...

Anyway, every time we take the drive up to the mountains, I marvel. It was a very special little girls birthday and since our kids love to play together and get lost in the woods, we couldn't pass up the invite.

The kids settled into the van and hubby and I tried to have conversation without being interrupted. 
I also tried NOT to think of all the wrapping that I haven't done yet.

Or the fact that no matter how hard I try... we are still always late...

But once we ht the highway and saw the scenery change a bit... it was all lost and forgotten in the beauty of it all.

Before long, we pulled into their driveway and our kids began squealing with excitement, and their kids started to emerge from all over and the fun began.

It was a wonderful afternoon of laughing, talking and sharing.


Visits always bring me back to my "roots" and stirs my heart. Ideas are shared and advice is shared.
and the number 7 becomes my new favorite....

And you never would have guessed 13.5 children were there.

Aren't they a beautiful bunch???



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