Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Times...

Im trying to teach my 5 yo the days of the week, not just repeating them but knowing their placement on a calendar. After many many recommends from friends, I made it to the teacher store near me. First, let me just tell you I was overwhelmed... and second.. it was awesome!!! Anything a teacher could want, they have. Of coarse, me being a small homeschooling family of 7, most of the packages and pretties were just not practical for our little red house. For once small split tiny minute second, I wished I had a "classroom" for my kids to decorate. Thankfully that feeling passed and I was able to look around with new eyes. (i'll get into my big anti-creating a classroom in the home theory another time...)
I did manage to buy a great removable calendar for right underneath our wipe off board. Molly was so thrilled to help me set it up tonight. All of the 3 littles were... but Molly, being the "big girl" actually got to help me punch out the million little cards. The calendar was quickly assembled and ready. With my help, she filled out the today chart ( the day of the week and the weather for today) and off to bed they went. While walking with hubby up the stairs, I heard her say...
" Daddy, I can't wait for tomorrow..."
"Why? because you want to fill out your today chart again..." said Hubby...
"YUP" replied Molly with such assurance in her voice!
I plan on going back for more charts and maps as soon as our lessons call for them. I might even revise my chore chart with a pre-printed one. All in due time, my chore chart has worked so well, im not sure change would be good!
In the meantime, I will continue working with Molly while she learns her days of the week and months of the year. This wall chart will help so much and will provide many mornings of fun.... if only I can keep other tiny hands off of it. Perhaps a trip to my office supply store is close at hand. Lamination and velcro is in my future!

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