Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Fall

We welcomed the cool weather last week by having a field trip to a different playground. My kids had never been to this one before but when our big black van pulled up... we invaded!
Its a great "old fashioned" wooden playground that is meant to really spark a childs imagination. Its HUGE! It has secret passages, towers and more towers, stairs, bridges, swings, tires, monkey bars... you name it. All 5 of my kids ran around playing games, making up characters and just being kids. It was great to watch (and join in) I found myself climbing the high towers and overlooking the "kingdom."
Once I was able to coax them across the way, they performed a wonderful hand puppet show for me in the little theatre and played with the musical instruments there.
Pretty soon it was time to pack up our big black van and head back to our little red house. The groans and moans could be heard for miles. I promised them we would return, in the meantime they still chat about the wonderful day they had!

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  1. Yay!!! What an awesome park!!! I'm sure the kids had a blast!!! What a nice mommy! ;) We also have a "castle park" near our house. Just recently took Mikade - he loved it too!



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