Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wasn't She A Beauty?? (notice past tense reference?)

Yes, you can say it... she is beautiful. Last week it was mid-October and my rose bush still had fresh new growth and blooms. My morning glories still wrapped around my front porch, my butterfly bush was bigger than me and blooming. If you walked along the side of my Little Red House you would see my elephant ears higher than the sky. In the backyard my climbing brown eyed susans covered my white lattice. My fall veggie garden was prospering and more elephant ears covered the side of my screen porch.... until Sunday night. I woke up Monday morning to shrieks of joy.
In horror, I ran to the window... not to find snow. Something worse in its place. Every gardeners nightmare. Our very first EARLY frost.
As the kids ran amuck on our lawn (barefoot and in pajammies) I cradled my dead flowers in my hands. I went to each and every one and my heart sank. RIght before my eyes they were shriveling up. The leaves turned this weird shade of green and the flowers drooped. I killed them. My lack of weather awareness (the one time I didn't watch the darn weather...) I killed my babies.
I now only have pictures to remind me of how beautiful my gardens were. My Little Red House is now the house of death. I will spend this 75 degree day ( the cold spell passed...) ripping my dear beloved's down from their home. They will be tossed in the trash. My heart will break with every yank and snip. They were my babies. I raised them and watched them bloom to perfection. Yes, Im a bit dramatic but you would be too if you had the cutest and most beautiful Littlest Red House on the block... or did at least, until you killed them all off....

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  1. That is hilarious, sad but hilarious. I too took extreme pride in my flower garden this year. There aren't many people in my small town that care enough about themselves let alone taking care of something as "insignificant" as a garden. I don't look at it quite that way. We have grown terrific veggies and some of the prettiest wild flowers I have ever seen. That was until last week. We also got that "snow" and my garden looks like the shadow of death is over it. I am going to get an early start next year in the hopes to enjoy it longer.



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