Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh Happy Fall...

Oh how Im loving this fall weather. It has not been above 80 all week, the breeze is abundant and my central air is OFF!!! The nights are chilly, yes, I said chilly!! and the mornings are very very crisp. This week, we will be blessed to have a few days of 60's outside. I will buy more hot chocolate and prepare to make warm and hearty dinners for my family.
As my sunday spagetti sauce simmers on the stove for our "Sunday Sauce" dinner, I am trying to make a list in my head of what all needs to be done to prepare for the coming weeks. My HS planner is in desperate need of attention. Its been 3 days since I have entered information and tests scores. I also need to prepare for the coming week ahead. One day this week will be another "field trip" for us... where we go, only I know ;)!
HDTV has entered our home. Anyone that follows me on facebook or twitter has seen my statuses and knows just what I mean. Not only were we blessed (for free) with HDTV but we also upgraded our dvr to an HD-DVR and moved our former DVR to our bedroom (Oh sweet heaven. Now I can watch my favs AND knit!) Since friday afternoon he has been drilling holes, re-arranging mounts, numbering wires, running up to wal-mart for more wires and playing with the tv. Once an hour you can hear certain phrases such as..." can you believe this picture?" , "I can see the hairs on their legs...", " Oh I can't take this..." and so forth. I will admit HD does have a remarkable quality!
Friday morning the older kids and I had a hands on science lesson by my lab tech who ever so graciously blew/collapsed my left vein. The girls kept me company at my ob/gyn (in the waiting room only!) while I went for some more check-ups and then off we went downstairs to the lab.
The girls insisted on watching and squealed and shrieked as little girls do when they are totally grossed out. I believe Hannah even broke out in sweats a few times and Emma's legs actually got physically weak (they take after me). The kind ( clumsy) woman explained how veins work and what happens when they COLLAPSE! Then patiently explained the process on healing ... something of which my arm needs alot of.
I left with some more pills... prenatals actually. And for the first time ever in any of my pregnancies, I am happily taking them. I usually get too sick to swallow pills and supplement in other ways but since Im NOT pregnant yet, I will happily dose myself up. My other pink pills, I will take at a later time... we will see what happens!
Last night we went to our friends house, fellow GAMECOCK fans.( and Emma's youth workers/drama teachers) We mingled with other GAMECOCK lovers from our church and had the most delicious Taco buffet. A bunch of mexican goodness! My favorite. The football game was on and despite some technical difficulties with ESPN, we WON!! In the meantine we chatted about our children who are all the same ages and set up dowries... Um I mean just talked. Yes, we just talked ;)
By the end of the evening, Emma received permission to go on the youth camping trip up in the mountains and Hubby was persuaded to go to help and have fun. Im looking forward to the pictures. Camping in tents and bears DOES NOT count as fun in my book!
Im looking forward to this week and all that it holds. God has been revealing some really important lessons in my life. I have been committing more time to prayer and bible reading and am enjoying its benefits. I will continue to trust and pray and wait in anticipation for what will be revealed. Until next time...

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