Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me!

I did not declare today a Saturday simply because I hate mondays and how they feel (or turn the house upside down) No, not me

I did not decided that a fire pit must be bought with the money we are saving for vacation because technically "every time we use it will be like a vacation..." No, not me!

I did not re-spark my insane habit of buying a new outfit for every occasion simply because I wanted too... and then run to Old Navy and buy a few of my favorite shirts all in different colors. NO!!! Not me! ;)

I did not secretly wish my Sunday School video would not get fixed so I could just chat with the ladies around me about nonsense instead of learning about Queen Esther. No certainly NOT ME!!

I did not run out to my van right after my eldest daughter got baptized to shove my face with a delish Mcskillet burrito that hubby bought me and then run back in for service simply because I could not stop thinking about it ALL MORNING. NO NOT ME!!!!


  1. p.s. I LOVE Mcskillet burritos!

  2. I actually like Mondays, is there something wrong with me?

    I do agree about the fire pit. Every time you use it, it would feel like vacation!



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