Monday, October 12, 2009

Where Oh Where Have I been???

I must admit, I have been a bit on a blog-cation. Not on purpose mind you, My mind has just been on other things... solely focused (obsessed perhaps) and my mind does not allow me to multi-task sometimes. Perhaps its the over-flow of coffee in my system or the very wet,cold rainy day we are having today? Whatever the reasons are, I assure you, I will return soon. With happy posts, cheerful news and all the latest happenings in our Little Red House. In the meantime, I will continue to pick out paint colors for the downstairs powder room and the upstairs BIG girls room. I plan on having the "hot pink" portion of their room painted this weekend. We have a big camping trip coming up for my oldest, her dad and the entire youth group. Up to the mountains they will go! Hiking, fire-starting and bear watching. I, of coarse, will be happily left at home in my warm bed, modern appliances and yummy food. I will look forward to their return, their stories, pictures and dirty laundry.
Our church pig-picking is coming up soon. I will happily feast on delicious pork and my kids will run amuck on the inflatables that will be there. The holidays are around the corner, and our big surprise vacation is also coming up faster than we can imagine. Our lips are still sealed until the big day. I will sure to be posting along the way with clues, give-aways and contests. Perhaps a game of "where in the world is GapGirl" will be played!!! Lots of ideas roaming thru my head. Until then, I hope the fog lifts from my brain, prayers are answered, the sun returns and Fall is welcomed with open arms. Until next time...
Xoxo GapGirl


  1. ... so we will patiently continue to wait for you. You have been missed, tho, friend.

    Have a crisp warm autumn day. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I too have not found time for blogging but I am still clinging to the hope of a better future with more time for doing what I want.

    The Raggedy Girl



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