Friday, October 23, 2009


Today was library day for us. It wasn't planned. As I was getting ready, it dawned on me that it has been a while since we all gathered at our local library. So, after our breakfast, we all scrambled to get ready and head toward our favorite world of books. Shamefully, I scrambled thru our stack of membership cards and picked the one with the smallest overdue fee. I know, I know, thats horrible but someone has to support the library... and this is how we do our share.
Front parking was found and we all scrambled in and ran in 6 different directions. My kids love the library. They love the books, the games, the computers and the time away from the school table!
I brought my PINK recycle bag ( and supported breast cancer all in the same day) and just started throwing books in... not just any books though! We finally finished a very long Unit in our US history book. On monday we will start with the Civil War. I plan on spending at least 2 months on this war. Learning about plantation life, slave life, The life of Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, The underground railroad, The Yankees, the Confederates and so forth. Field trips will be included to some Plantation homes as well. One is scheduled for 3 weeks from now. In the cold... Brrr. But We will have homeschooling friends to keep us warm and cozy! The kids are excited to churn some butter!
I also got a head start on Thanksgiving and checked out almost their whole section. I can't wait to begin reading, cooking and studying Pilgrim life (again) for the month of Novemeber... My favorite time of year!
The older girls picked out a few books as well and were happy as little sunflowers with their new choices.
Today in our Little Red House, we will declare a reading day. We will read the new books we have, we will welcome the gray rain that is about to fall upon us and be thankful for unexpected trips to the library for library day!

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