Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

Daddy's favorite pudding pie

Emma's infamous cooking pose...

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Oh sweet heaven... I LOVE new clothes...

Just some of our COSTCO goods...

Those are the only 3 words in the english language that could possibly describe this weekend!
Friday was my hubby's birthday!!! So along with preparing his awesome GAMECOCKS birthday party, we welcomed his family who just drove 14 hours to see us!!! Along with hosting a birthday dinner for my extended family (my Aunt and Uncle who were also visiting and my cousin and his wife)
We had a great time. The weather was perfect and conversation abounded. The boys came home with a bag full of skirt steak and after exactly 8 minutes on the grill we were dining on the most wonderful, tender and juicy beef south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Saturday was a complete washout. Threats of tornadoes came all throughout the day into the evening. Our dinner plans at Red Robin were quickly squashed after an hour wait, so off to Applebees we all went and had a very delicious meal.

Sunday was our last full day together with our houseguests. The storm blew thru with minimal damage in our area and lots of rain to water my gardens for the next few days. Mississippi was not as fortunate. My heart broke as I watched the news of the devastation from the tornadoes that blew thru. Please remember to pray for them as they pick up the wrecked pieces of their life...

During our last day we split up. Boys and girls went in different directions. The boys did boring boy stuff and us girls went SHOPPING!!! We headed to my new favorite store and my mother-in-law treated me to some new,cute, beautiful maternity clothes. I am so excited!! I hate to spend money on clothes that will only be worn a handful of months but this treat was such a blessing to me! I am thrilled with everything that I got!!!!

Then of coarse COSTCO was hit pretty hard. We met up and we went in full force. 2 carts and 9 different opinions....

1 hour later we left with a years supply of garbage bags, toilet paper, detergent, cheese, cascade and anything else we managed to shove in those huge carts.

Today the house is quiet. Our guests are gone and the kids are outside enjoying the evening. Its nice to have the house back but we are so thankful for all the time we were able to spend with those we love so dear...


  1. This sounds like an awesome weekend! I saw that you are preggo with baby #6-I'm the oldest of 5 & working on convincing my husband that big families are the best (he's an only child raised by an only child)...I'm a new follower & can't wait to keep reading!

  2. You might only wear those maternity clothes for a few months but i find they get worn A LOT in those few months. Happy birthday to your other half!

  3. So glad you were spared the worst weather. Scary...we don't get tornadoes often in PA but it does happen.

    Sounds like a wonderful family weekend.

    Becky K.

  4. Hi there!

    I happened to see you visited my blog and thought I would 'pop' over to yours.
    Wow, I am praying for you and your 6th baby! I would love to have more, probably could have more as I LOVE being a mom and would welcome more but, feel too old to risk having another by birth. So, hubby and I are praying more will come by adoptions someday :-)

    Blessings to you, being pregnant was my favorite time in life! Nice to 'meet' you.



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