Thursday, April 22, 2010

My What???

On this sunny, glorious thursday morning, I am reminded on all I have to do to prepare for our family filled birthday weekend. Hubby's family arrives tomorrow and will be staying with us and a big birthday dinner will be planned for him. Cake will be made, laughs will be had but first... unfortunately certain things must be done...

Like my huge pile of laundry... 4 loads to be exact. It looks small, but don't be fooled. Behind those baskets lies even more towels and clean undies. Did I mention my dryer and washer are also filled???

What about my sippy cup stained rug?? This steam cleaner waits patiently in my foyer to be put to good use. That way when guests start to arrive, I can play the part of happy hostess who always has a clean house. Hee hee...

And those GAP bags. Don't be jealous. I did not go on another shopping spree (yet). A dear friend handed me clothes for Noah which I have yet to put away!! Don't get me wrong. Im eternally grateful. This gal loves hand me down and I happily went thru the bag in my foyer... but somehow, someway they never made it up the stairs and into the first bedroom on the left!

So as you can see, on this glorious sunny thursday I have loads to do. But first a quick trip to the store. After all, I have some shopping to do.... =)


  1. I am doing the same on this beautiful Thursday!Trying to get ready for my daughter's First Communion!Have a great time!Marla

  2. I almost like to clean more when its a little more of a challenge, it makes it so much more rewarding in the end!! Good luck!

  3. You just reminded me what I'm supposed to be doing today...laundry, not sitting at the computer!

    Good luck!

  4. SHHHH!! I'm pretending I don't have a couple loads piled up in my bedroom...But of course, now I hear them calling my name "Come wash us before we get stinky" UGH!


    Good luck getting it all cleaned up!

  5. Wow! me too girl.....Got loads of Laundry too!
    My daughter and Husband birthday is Saturday too..Got lots to do! Happy Birthday to your hubby too!


  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Words of Me Project!! I appreciate that.

    Love your front porch...all those flowers are just gorgeous! And congrats on baby number 6. My friend Amber is having baby number 7 and she homeschool's, too. I really admire you girls!!!


  7. I had to laugh at this because my carpet steamer is also sitting in the back hall of my house waiting to be used! lol

    I'll get motivated eventually... I did do laundry today.. that's something, right?

  8. That is why I'm glad the hubby does our laundry. Unfortunetly I am the one who has to fold it and have been known to let it pile up, lol.

  9. Oh the joy of getting ready for company. I did that on Sat. for people coming over on Sunday after church. Love to have people over, even if it's just a few hours. Happy days!



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