Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tell Me The Truth...

Is this picture not the cutest?? My baby at 12 weeks and 4 days kicking and twirling around! I was filled with joy at the drs office so much that everyone thought it was my first. Beaming was an understatement.

My little red house is once again busy busy busy. The kids and I are trying to catch up with school work so we can enjoy the pool opening on May 1st!!!

Hubby's b-day is in one week and I will be having a big family dinner at my house along with cake and presents to celebrate the BIG 33 !

My Aunt and Uncle will be in town all next week to secure living arrangements for when they move here next month and my in-laws will also be arriving next weekend for some house hunting. How exciting! I will now have a bunch of family close by!

Every morning I putter outside and visit all of my growing flowers. My sunflower seeds and morning glory seeds have all germinated and continue to grow. They are small but strong.

My rose bush is almost up to my chest now with more buds than I can even count..

My lavender had a bad winter and had to be pulled. I was so sad but I replaced them with my Mini Phlox Pearls that were getting hidden by my big front bushes. They are quite happy on display and I anticipate a bloom any day now.

My elephant ears are back!!! 2 out of my 4 have sprouted and are peeking thru the ground. Totally unexpected as I didn't cover with heavy mulch this past fall and we had a harsh winter... But they survived and are sprouting up to say Hi!!!

My butterfly bush is going to double from last summer. I can tell already. Its almost at the same size it was at the end of last year and its only April. Sheesh!!! What to do...

I will be taking pictures of my garden and post them this weekend so you too can enjoy the wonders of spring and all the new life it brings!

Happy Friday =)))



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