Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confessions and more....

I think I am back on the blogging wagon again!!! I have about ten THOUSAND things to tell you all. My first trimester yuckiness is almost far behind me and Im coming back to life!!! Along with that comes some confessions I must admit to. Im also feeling a bit spunky today so please extend lots of grace to me as I write, I mean no harm. Perhaps its the very yellow bright shirt I am wearing. Who knows. Anyway, my New Years Resolution was to read the bible thru in one year. Our church publishes a small book that neatly divides it up. I was doing so good for so long until March.... I fell behind. Way behind and I have yet to even begin to catch up. Between company and my morning/afternoon/night sickness, my bible reading has suffered immensely. I am so upset. Whenever I pull out my reading book and see all the days I am behind, I get so discouraged. I did at one point try to "catch up" and found myself reading without studying the word. I knew Gods ultimate goal is not how much you can read, but how much it penetrates your soul. I knew He would be ok with me not reaching this man made goal I had set for myself but instead, taking my time and really listening to what He has to say to me.
Around the holidays I also started a great Esther bible study with the ladies at my church... that too I did not get to finish... (do you see a pattern here?? Gulp) So, a few days ago, I walked over to my bookshelf, took down the book and dove in head first. I can't get enough. Beth Moore is amazing and her words jump off the page and speak to my heart. It really is no surprise. Even when I was doing the study at my church, I was constantly amazed at all that was revealed to me.

Last night I sat on my front porch enjoying the southern evening breeze and just read and read. I studied verses and found myself all over the bible. It was amazing. God spoke to me about fears. ( Lord knows I have a zillion) I can't wait to have my quiet time again today. Sometimes its so hard to find time alone to study Gods word. Like last night for instance... kids just seemed to follow me... and then when they do find me they talk and talk and talk my poor ear off. Usually I don't mind but it was 7:30 p.m and I declared 30minutes to myself. I shooed them inside to eat their pudding pie with their daddy while I studied as much as I could. I knew if I waited until they were all upstairs in bed, I too would be fast asleep.

Anyway, I already have another study I want to do as soon as I FINISH!!! this one. Its another Beth Moore book called "Breaking Free." Its all about breaking spiritual strongholds in your life. Lots of times we claim personality traits as "genetics.." Or we just say well my mom or dad was that way and I take after them... when in fact they are strongholds that we continue to live under and pass down to the next generation. I don't know about you, but there are PLENTY of strongholds that run thru my blood. Besides our amazingly good looks (wink wink), my gene pool is nothing to brag about. As a matter of fact, I talk about some issues that run rapid on the ladies side of my family. I could toss it up to bloodline but would rather cover it under stronghold. I need to learn to deal with these issues in my life so that I don't pass it along to my precious girls.

I know God can do this too!!! God can do anything and deliver us from all. After all He MADE US!! and He can FIX US!!! I am a living example of how God can lift you out of the pit and place you on solid ground. As a matter of fact, EVERYONE who claims is a follower of Christ should be able to say that... and those that say that they have never been in a pit... well, perhaps you need to re-evaluate who you are worshipping.... just sayin!

So Im really excited to get into my bible studies. I think this is the perfect time. I have 5.5 months before the new baby comes and with that comes fears and expectations. I will be celebrating PEACE AND FREEDOM by October!!! AMEN!

In other news, Has anyone ever dealt with skin rashes while pregnant?? I have this weird skin rash that really itches and is driving me CRAZY!!! I have some over the counter stuff on right now but if it does not heal soon, im off to the Dr.... and I HATE the Dr.

Its really crampin my style... but...

If I turn the other way... you can't see a thing. =)

Right now my Banana is singing the books of the Old testament out loud in hopes to finish all her Honor steps for her stars program. She has been working hard to complete all of her work and memorizing so many scripture to get her crown!!! She will be the very FIRST one crowned in our family!!! Emma never finished the program as the pull of youth group got the best of her. Motivation clearly was not there but my banana is determined... and most of all, she is just DYING for a fancy dress. I promised her the prettiest dress and the best hairstyle a girl could dream of. I can't wait!!!

This weekend Hubby and I have a DATE NIGHT!!! I can't wait. We sooo need one. We are desperate for some adult quite time. Its been a long few months filled with sickness and company and all sorts of road blocks. We are supposed to get rain storms but I won't let that spoil my fun. Im already counting down the seconds and can't decide on a restaurant. Its a toss up between Joes Crab Shack, Olive Garden, Carabbas or one Downtown... oh why oh why does it have to be so hard....

Im off though, chaos is erupting in the form of Old Testament names and Emma needs my help converting fractions to percentages or something like that. I HATE math and just want to declare it a play day but I can't...

Until Next Time



  1. So glad you're feeling better! I must admit that I've 'missed you'! You're still in my prayers and my happiness for all of you is uncontainable! It's so amazing to watch God's blessings rain down on your family!

    *HUGS* :)

  2. Google PUPPS. It is a rash that is common in pregnant women. The only thing that makes it go away is delivery. It seems pretty early on for you to have it though.

  3. I had the worst rash under my arms a couple of babies ago. It hurt so bad. I used rubbing alcohol on it each time I got out of the shower. I am reading the Believing in God book by Beth it! Next I got Get Out of the Pit from our local library. I would love to go hear her speak.

  4. What a fun, upbeat post with lots of thoughts to ponder!

    Mrs. White

  5. I am doing Breaking Free right now! Just started so I am in the first chapter, but I know I am going to love it.

  6. I've finished Breaking Free and am doing Esther now. yay! I like both, but they are SO different.

    Fun to read you and to see you with your little bump peeking out :)

    amy in peru



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