Saturday, April 17, 2010

Morning Sun

Don't mind my tacky shadow in this picture, I don't mind. I love the way the morning sun shines on my home. The flowers are starting to bloom and its just a great reminder on how God makes all things new!!!

As the world gets more and more uncertain, God always remains constant. His love and mercy are new every morning and are just enough to get you through the day... no matter what the day holds.

Joy comes in the morning for those that seek it. Sometimes its harder than we want to find, but its there... between the pages of that great book or in the shadow of our prayer closet. Its always there.

When the sun rises in my neck of the woods, I never know what lay before me. What mood I can be in, how crazy the day can be... but if Im certain to start the day off in prayer or praise or bible time, I can be sure it can be better !!

1 comment:

  1. I just caught up reading some of your latest posts. Hope you are feeling a bit better each day and the morning sickness goes soon/no fun, huh? Love all the photos. I've got garden starts in a Jiffy starter in kitchen. Can't plant for a few more weeks. Take care!



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