Monday, May 3, 2010

Date Night Part 2...

Right down the road from Quaker Steak is Frankies Fun Park. Hubby asked if I wanted to go mini-golfing... A.K.A Putt Putt (but I still can't get myself to call it that) I started squealing with joy. I have NEVER been mini-golfing with him and have not been at ALL since I was 18!!! (way too many years ago) This was also the very first time we have been to this place even though we pass the entrance to it almost every single day! It was so cute and clean and nice. They have everything you could want to do. Lazer tag, water bumper boats, 3 go-kart tracks, batting cages, 3 mini-golf courses, fun slides and more. I was excited!!! We decided to pick course #3... the HARDEST!! HA!

This is us waiting our turn to go at hole #1. I was pumped to win!! I started off GREAT!!! And then the course got harder and harder...

They had cute little houses and bridges along the way...

See?? What a flattering picture of me. I was telling hubby I was gonna win....

I didn't. He beat me. But I was ok with it. We had a blast.

Hubby was really good and a great sport. He also always picked up my bright pink ball so I would not have to bend down. He is so sweet!!! I love him!

After the game ended we walked around and watched the go-karts for a bit. The kids on the rides were having so much fun. It was refreshing to watch.

Before the night ended we went to Target to pick up some stuff we needed. We also picked up some stuff for the kids (from the dollar bin) we were ready to go home. We missed our family.

The night was perfect. I crawled into bed with a smile on my face (leftovers in the fridge) and great memories. I also slept like a rock!!!


  1. How fun!! Me and my hubby get way to competitive when we play putt putt!! HA!!

    That was so sweet of him to pick up your ball!!

  2. Cool date! How cool that you had this time together.

    Becky K.



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