Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Words...

I have the best readers in the world!! Your sweet words really encouraged me and inspired me to really commit my upcoming "big day" in prayer. How I wish you all could be there!! But I will be sure to fill you in on EVERYTHING that happens !
Here are some pictures from my front garden yesterday. My roses are in full bloom with over 25 blooms and more buds following close behind. They smell sooo wonderful. My pink carpet roses are just starting to bloom as well. I am so excited.

After two years of NOTHING!! My clematis finally started blooming as well. Every day more buds open and a big purple burst of color pops out. Im so excited.

Our first crop of strawberries ripened and we feasted on juicy fruit last night.

Oh how I LOVE spring!!!!


  1. Your yellow roses are gorgeous! At our last house, my daughter had a big strawberry patch, and I miss checking on them every day! Blessings on your speaking... I'm anxious to hear about it! :)

  2. So pretty!!! PS, left you an award on my blog today!

  3. Oh I am jealous. My strawberries are still small and green. I am trying to be patient.

  4. your blog and your borders are great.....Stop by and check out my Mother's Day Giveaway.



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