Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Whew... yesterdays post was heavy!!! But Im glad I got it off my chest. It was something that was lingering in my head and I wrote it out several times as I was driving down the road or lying in bed at night. So, Im glad I was able to finally get it out!!!

Since yesterdays post was so heavy, I figure I would make todays post light.

I went to bed with a million ideas and inspirations for my 5 year old and her reading skills. My goal is to have her reading FULLY by the end of summer. Now that I am easing up school with the older ones, I can devote 100% of my time to her. I have Emma working with Noah on his pre-school activities as well.

The day started off productive. Everyone was dressed, fed and chores done at a reasonable time. Then off we went outside for some flower care and thats when my plans changed.

I tend to get dizzy and faint when im preggo. I know, lucky me!! Its happened since baby #1 and each time I hope I can outwit/outplay/outlast but I never do. It struck this morning and I quickly texted hubby to give him a heads up and let him know I had to lay down on the couch QUICK!... I didn't want to catch him off guard if my Hannah Banana had to call him at work because I was laid out on the floor.

But Thank goodness all was well. He came home from work within minutes and I was able to stay conscious and just rest. The feeling past and I nursed myself back to health while playing a phonics game with Molly and working on her sounds.

So, my day is all topsy turvy. I have enjoyed having hubby home and got more accomplished that I thought I ever would.

School was completed, house was cleaned and now I sit in front of the computer telling you all about my day! (complete with highlighter in my hair... hey if Im going to be faint then at least im going to be pretty right??=)

Tonight I will take it easy. Hubby will (hopefully) bring the kiddies to church and I will snuggle in bed. It will be a few days before I "feel safe" venturing out of the house by myself but I should be fine.

Well, my friends, that is my day in a nutshell. Isn't it exciting and grand?? Did I mention Im about to go sit outside and eat a popsicle?? Now THAT is exciting ;)


  1. So glad you are feeling better. I can relate. I am not pregnant but have had dizziness for the past few years. I am glad yours goes away when you are not pregnant. I had a friend who was dizzy during pregnancy too. I wonder if it is from hormonal changes? Enjoy your popsicle!

  2. Any time I get to go outside and just sit with the kiddies is a big deal. Enjoy the resting.



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