Monday, May 10, 2010

My Day...

Yesterday was my day… my glorious Mothers Day. I spent it relaxing (and recovering) in my backyard. I was a victim of sunburn from the day before, so I nursed my wounds on my back patio in my NEW GREEN ADIRONDACK PATIO CHAIRS!!!!! Hubby and my great kids surprised me with them. I have been wanting them for sooo long. And the green… well the color is so perfect and bright and ME! You know how this girl needs color.

So, here I am relaxing in my chair. A self portrait of my day. Hubby joined me and we sat in the back with our eyes closed and the sound of the kids bouncing all over the trampoline in the background. It was perfect. For dinner, he grilled some skirt steak and we dined till we were STUFFED FULL.Oh the goodness!!!!! The day was just perfect!

I have been spending more time in my backyard, planting flowers and making it just as beautiful as the front. I find myself spending about 60% of my time out there. Sipping coffee in my screen porch, sitting near the fire pit on my back patio ( now that I have my chairs!!) and watching my garden grow. This week I will buy some more flowers to beautify it a bit more. Once its done I will be SURE to post pictures!!!!

We made our first pool appearance last Friday! The kids were so excited to jump in and get started. I found it just PERFECT for some bible study time under the umbrella. I continued my Esther study and came across some PROFOUND verses in Acts. I will share them with you at another time. It came at just the right time… just before our trip back to Shaw. God knew that I needed to hear His voice thru the sadness.

Only 15 DAYS until we begin our much needed summer break. This year is a small break… about 4 weeks but we will have another small break once the baby is born in October so we can’t slack too much.

In the meantime, we will enjoy those 4 weeks to the fullest!!!! Mornings by the pool, afternoon naps and evenings going for walks and playing in the yard. What could be better than that???

Please bare with me as I use a new editing program and my font resembles large print books... =/ im HORRIBLE with technology!!!



  1. Ha! a font malfunction? LOVE the green chairs.

  2. I had to pop in and say HI after seeing th name of your blog...I call my daughter Gap's her favorite store and you can find her there WAY to often;)!

    It looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day. I love your new chairs!

    I look forward to following along with your lovely blog!


  3. Hello-
    Thanks for popping in to visit my blog!

    Isn't it nice to be on the homestretch for the homeschool school year?!

    I have 16 days to go...
    One of which is a very cool field trip to Longwood Gardens!

    I enjoyed your blog- and I'm following now.... yay- I love finding out what sex the babies are- I just found out a little while ago that my sissy is having another boy! :)



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